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Newsgroups: mail-lists.delegate-en

[DeleGate-En] Re: FTP TLS Proxy Problem
06 Feb 2003 16:28:05 GMT "Bryan Dees" <>
Airborne Express

I need to use a proxy in order to resolve a NAT translation problem when
clients attempt ftp-data back from my FTP TLS/SSL server. What happens
is they establish on the outside NAT address but when any ftp-data
packets are returned they are encapsulated using the internal IP address
that the FTP server knows itself as. So, there is no route back due to
the firewall and Network Address Translation.

I was hoping to proxy the FTP and TLS PROT and AUTH using Delegate. Am I
using the correct CMAP and delegated commands for this configuration?

Also, here is a trace dump from the FTP server. To me anyways, it looks
like a timeout issue perhaps?

../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:1246:        02/05/03-22:25:21 SSL: finished
initializing SSL context
../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:4901:        02/05/03-22:25:21 reply(3763): sending
to remote <220 <<<CONNECT:Enterprise for UNIX 1.3.01 Secure FTP>>> at
 goahp86 FTP server ready. Time = 22:25:19>
../ftpd-src/ftpcmd.y:1637:      02/05/03-22:25:23 getline: received
command <AUTH TLS
../ftpd-src/ftpcmd.y:1720:      02/05/03-22:25:23 command(3763): AUTH

../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:4901:        02/05/03-22:25:23 reply(3763): sending
to remote <234 AUTH TLS-C/TLS OK.>
sslutil.c:858:  02/05/03-22:25:24 SSL: ssl_newContext: control: Status
0: from ConfigureContextRSAExport()
../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:1447:        02/05/03-22:25:41 SSL: auth: Error
-6992: from SSLHandshake/SSLRequestRenegotiation()
../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:4901:        02/05/03-22:25:41 reply(3763): sending
to remote <221 You could at least say goodbye.>
../ftpd-src/ftpd.c:5786:        02/05/03-22:25:41 LOG_INFO:logout status

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