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[DeleGate-En] TrendMicro InterScan and delegate
04 Feb 2003 11:58:48 GMT "Tsutomu Yasui" <>

Hi, everyone,

I am having an Application Error problem.

I used InterScan and Delegate on the same Server.
InterScan is the AntiVirus Server for web.
The client access to port 8000 for web and the InterScan clean the File. 
But InterScan has to have the Proxy Server to forward the web request.

Delegate 80(any tcp port) < - InterScan 8000(any tcp port) < - Client 

The Environment is.
Proxy: Delegate: any version of 7.x and 8.x
AntiVirus Server: TrendMicro InterScan Virus Wall 3.x 
OS: Windows 2000 SP2 / SP3 English

When many access has been taken from Client PC, delegate gets this error.

delegate.exe - Applicaion Error
The Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Client on 
O.K. to terminate the application

Even the Error message appears, the delegate still works fine. 
But the error message always appears as soon as it got many access. Even 
from only one Client, go to IE6.0, type F5 to refresh the Webpage(any web 
site), the same message appears. If Client access to delegate port 
directly, the error does not appear.

Tsutomu YASUI

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