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[DeleGate-En] syntax for listen in multiples ports to reach multiples servers
28 Jan 2003 06:35:50 GMT "GUILHEM Michel (34)" <>

I'm trying to discover a syntax for clients trying to do a telnet connexion 
between a delegate but with doing this on a different port 
the syntax is the following
delegated -P3023 SERVER="telnet://server1:23" and for a second port
delegated -P3024 SERVER="telnet://server2:23" ans so one

To have this on an unique line of delegate what is the syntax ?

delegated -P3023,3024 SERVER="telnet://server1:23" 
SERVER="telnet://server2:23" ?

How can i link a port in entry of the delegate and a server( with another port 
) on the exit ? 

Thanks for any clue 
( I tried Sockmux , mount )
Guilhem michel Administrateur proxy

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