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08 Jan 1999 14:53:27 GMT

I have downloaded your OS/2 binary with hopes of using it to set up a
proxy to work in conjunction with the firewall provided by IBM with the
TCP/IP 4.1 for OS/2.  I find that your README.OS2 in this ZIP is not
readable, is it in Japanese as opposed to english?  The manual is in
english, but I am missing elementary understanding of the process.

I am hoping to be able to use your proxy to enable all behind the firewall
to use NetScape to browse the web, access a POP3 mail server to pickup
email and use SMTP to send email, access FTP sites, telnet to remote host
sites, receive realaudio and realvideo streams, use whois servers and
access DNS services as a first step.  In order to complete my setup I
would like to be able to use your server to allow secure telnet, tn3270
and FTP access to servers behind the firewall from approved outside sites.
 I assume in order to accomplish this the outside sites would also need to
be running Delegate and that a VPN-style authenticated and encrypted
connection between them would provide the secure connection needed.

In the case of one of the sites I would like to permit access from the
group requiring access is behind a firewall controlled by another group. 
The only access available to the internet for the group I am working with
is a telnet proxy and an ftp proxy on the firewall. Would your proxy be
able to establish a connection to another delegate proxy under such
conditions?  The connection would be:


Of course in the above situation delegate-proxy-1 would establish the
connection as the firewall would not permit delegate-proxy-2 to, thus
communications would need to be established only by that proxy.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.  I look forward
to using your package to improve my internet connections.

-- Dave

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