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Forwarding TCP
  12/02-12:31 . 2006  "Ana Winton" <> [44]
  Can Delegate forward all tcp packets to an upstream proxy? I would like to forward all packets destined for the internet and send them to an upstream proxy. I see how to do http and ftp. Thanks very
http URL redirection and SSL
  12/02-16:10 . 2007  "Blake, Jordan (ISS Atlanta)" <> [196]
  Thanks for your help. I actually wasn't attempting to use url redirection at the same time as the tcprelay, but rather as a possible alternative. In any case, what you said below makes sense. To tro
error after upgrating delegate to 7.9.12
  12/02-17:05 . 2008  May Yang <> [69]
  Dear Yutaka-san, It work well after upgrating to 8.1.0! Thank you very much! Best regards, May Yang 楊 玉梅 *** CTCラボラトリーシステムズ株式会社 ライフ・サイエンス営業部 BIO技術グループ 〒154-0012
how to get the server/client info in the ftp-data filter
  12/02-19:55 . 2009  "Wu Jiafu" <> [168]
  Hi, Thanks a lot for your kindly help. But after applying the patch, it does not work so well: SERVER_HOST=- SERVER_ADDR=(null) I added one line to the patched ftp.c, then it seems work: SERVER_HOST
  12/03-02:18 . 2010 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
  Hi, Thanks for your notice. I tried to minimize the patch before sending it out, to do over minimization and sent it out without testing X-) I remember that the patch for ftp.c:FTP_data_relay() was
http URL redirection and SSL
  12/03-03:52 . 2011 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
  Please note that message not in text/plain is not so welcome... You need SERVER="https" to let DeleGate be aware that it is referred as "https://delegate..." This is the very behavior intended and c
how to get the server/client info in the ftp-data filter
  12/03-12:38 . 2012  "Wu Jiafu" <> [60]
  Great! It works very well. Thanks a lot. Jeff --- Original Message --- From: "Yutaka Sato" <> To: <> Cc: <> Sent: T
Unable to download successfully
  12/03-16:24 . 2013  "Leszek Szychowski" <> [33]
  Dear feedback, Would you be so kind as to email me the latest zip win32 binary. IE and Netscape are failing towards the end of the download. Kind Regards Leszek A Szychowski Senior Consulting Engine
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.0(ALPHA) -- introduced conditional parameter and pseudo host name of AF_UNIX socket
  12/03-19:07 . 2014 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.2.0.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 3 15:12 JST 2002 TA
really powerful proxy
  12/03-19:23 . 2015 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Hi, For many years it has been pending to make any parameters be applied conditionally on srcHostList (and dstHostList, protoList if possible and necessary). At last, in DeleGate/8.2.0, I introduced
  12/03-21:29 . 2016  "Guo Ming" <> [7]
  I don't know why I can't make "conditional parameter" to work. below is error message. : line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `(h' ./de: line 4: `delegated -v -P1234 CONNECTION=t SERVER=tcprel
  12/04-01:00 . 2017 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
  I don't know which command shell you use, but in most shells, parenthesis characters have special meaning and must be escaped by some method to pass it to application program preventing from the int
Antwort: Re: [DeleGate-En] Question to delegate
  12/05-00:25 . 2018 [34]
  Hello Guys, So, Delegate is working well for the needs we have. I have one last question. What about a config file, in which all options are implemented ? I saw delegate_conf, is that used for the o
Bulk Email Sending & Bullet Proof Web Hosting
  12/06-02:18 . 2019  "angelinov" <> [33]
  We offer you e-mail addresses databases for advertisement mailing; we sell databases also carry out mailing and hosting for the advertising projects. We can work on a turnkey project create a site w
FTP proxy using upstream HTTP proxy
  12/06-14:20 . 2020  Michael Pacey <> [24]
  Hi, Delegate looks really nice! Is it possible to get Delegate's FTP proxy to use an upstream HTTP proxy? The company where I work has HTTP and FTP proxy servers with virus scanning software, all fr
Problem with Windows 2000
  12/06-16:00 . 2021 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
  Do you mean that version 6 don't cause the problem ? I don't know. Could you show me what you see if you run DeleGate with full debug options like "dg8_X_X.exe -vv -w9 RES_DEBUG=-1 -P3003 ..." ? Che
AW: [DeleGate-En] Problem with Windows 2000
  12/07-09:56 . 2022  "Valentin Glaser" <> [659]
  Hello Yutaka! In attachment find you 2 log-file from delegated v6 and v8 crashes. The Problem is present only for Windows 2000 (SP2+SP3???). With NT4 Sp6a German + IE6 - no problems. Best regards! -
How-to for the X11 proxy ?
  12/10-00:21 . 2023  Florian DECKERT <> [81]
  Hi, I used this X11 proxy in this mode and all is working. Great job you did. But now I'm trying to do something more tricky, I would like delegated to setup the DISPLAY ip address not to the real i
  12/10-01:23 . 2024 (Yutaka Sato) [61]
  Hi, SRCIF seems the right parameter to specify the forced display name, and indeed it works when DeleGate can do bind() the address to the socket to be connected to the telnet server. But it does no
delegate on a range of port
  12/10-19:35 . 2025  "Brunet, Christophe" <> [9]
  Hello, I would like to setup delegate in tcp relay in a range of 100 ports, is there a way to setup the -Pport1,...,port100 if a shorter way ? Best Regards Christophe BRUNET
How-to for the X11 proxy ?
  12/10-19:53 . 2026  Florian DECKERT <> [212]
  Hello Mr Yukata, Thank for your patch, it's running (I just had to fix a small buffer overlay problem). As a contribution I will write a small extention to the manual to explain how to use the X11 p
  12/10-20:53 . 2027 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  Hi, Thank you. I'll fix it as the enclosed patch. The modified version will be released as DeleGate/8.2.1. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - )
mkclnt_socket: connection refused
  12/11-08:01 . 2028  David Dales <> [48]
  I am receiving this error message from only one customer. All of my other customers have no problem. They are able to login and execute the command "cd". However, if they try "ls" "put" "get" etc...
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.1(ALPHA) -- fixed MOUNT and CFI
  12/12-04:18 . 2029 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.2.1.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 12 02:55 JST 2002 T
061/Request for publication
  12/12-16:32 . 2030  Misao Taki <> [97]
  Dear Web Master, We at ECraft have edited and produced the "NTT Communications Internet Certification .com Master ** 2003 Official Textbook" to be issued by NTT Communications, a long-distance carri
Newsfeeds NNTP and Delegate
  12/17-00:49 . 2031  "Mark \(fat\)" <> [31]
  First off... Brilliant job. Once I had solved the problem of delegate binding to the wrong interface (-Plocalhost.. Worth adding to the quick start guide I think) it was easy after that. I have been
  12/17-02:51 . 2032 [84]
  I have some problem with getting new versions of Delegate. All links tell me 500 Cannot connect with you. I`m use valid e-mail address. WBR, Vadim Mironov
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.2(ALPHA) -- introduced "SockMux" socket multiplexer protocol
  12/20-03:39 . 2034 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.2.2.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 20 02:45 JST 2002 T
SockMux+FCL patch for 8.2.2
  12/20-06:43 . 2035 (Yutaka Sato) [129]
  Just after I released DeleGate/8.2.2, I noticed that SockMux in 8.2.2 does not see FCL filter. The enclosed patch will fix it. I noticed it when I was writing about SockMux+FCL in the following page
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.3(ALPHA) -- "SockMux" fixes and extension
  12/21-11:54 . 2036 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.2.3.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 21 10:50 JST 2002 T
Cannot download
  12/22-19:59 . 2037 [113]
  Cannot download from your ftp User: anonymous Password: my valid e-mail 550 Cannot connect to you From your http User: my valid e-mail Password: any 404 Page cannot be found
Cannot download again
  12/22-20:02 . 2038 [67]
  And from ftp with pasv - permanent timeout.
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.4(ALPHA) -- "SockMux" fixes and extension
  12/22-23:12 . 2039 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.2.4.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 22 23:03 JST 2002 T
  12/23-00:11 . 2040 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  This version of SockMux-DeleGate needs explicit remote port selection for SERVER like SERVER=telnet,-in:-:-P8023, otherwise it cannot find appropriate server. The enclosed patch will fix it (^^; Che
RELEASE DeleGate/8.2.5(ALPHA) -- "SockMux" fixes and extension
  12/23-15:11 . 2041 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.1.0.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Nov 27 11:28 JST 2002 T
Win32 DNS difficulties with all versions 8.x
  12/23-18:00 . 2042  Olivier Mascia <> [34]
  Hello, I found 7.9.13 to be rock-solid on my Win2K configuration. I then tested the release 8.x version. It worked fine for some time until I had users complaining the HTTP proxy was always reportin
Bulk Email Sending & Bullet Proof Web Hosting
  12/24-06:16 . 2043  "jmcmanila" <> [61]
  Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Peter Severa, I am Business Development Director at E-mailPromo Company. Your name was at a business-related website. Do I understand correctly that your activity is relat
rcode option
  12/25-20:46 . 2044 [81]
  It is possible permit any rcode options, not only 300|301|302|303|304|305|306|403|404 codes? I try write custom proxy authorization mechanism and want use 407 code. WBW, Vadim Mironov
  12/26-03:27 . 2045 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  You can generate arbitrary page with arbitrary response code by CGI; for example: MOUNT="/* file:/tmp/999.cgi" where /tmp/999.cgi is a file with excutable bit ON and with content like this: #!/bin/s
Win32 DNS difficulties with all versions 8.x
  12/27-08:04 . 2046 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  Hi, If you could send me the LOGFILE of your DeleGate, including the debugging information of DNS resolver enabled with "RES_DEBUG=-1" option, it will be helpful to locate and fix the problem. As li
mkclnt_socket: connection refused
  12/27-08:17 . 2047 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Maybe the client is in a firewall which rejects incoming TCP connection (FTP data-connection in this case). The problem will be escaped by using "passive" mode in the FTP client to establish data-co
RELEASE DeleGate/8.3.0 -- new stable version
  12/27-12:17 . 2048 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.3.0.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 27 11:04 JST 2002 TAR-SIZ
Win32 DNS difficulties with all versions 8.x
  12/27-20:53 . 2049  Olivier Mascia <> [48]
  Hi, Here is what I did for now : - Installed the new stable 8.3.0 build. - Set RESOLV=sys in my configuration files For the last one hour, nothing went bad, so this does looks good. If the problem r
Building Delegate 8.3.0 on OS/2 with EMX
  12/28-13:45 . 2050 [52]
  Yutaka, First of all, I'd like to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season, and wishes for a good New Year to come. Now that the important stuff is over, as usual, I'm building the new stable versi
  12/28-18:45 . 2051 (Yutaka Sato) [123]
  Hi, The length of SRCS seems to have become over 1024 at the modification in 8.0.0. And such limitation could be in a system other than OS/2. I saw such problem past on some system (Win95 or so?) an
RELEASE DeleGate/8.3.1 -- fixes for OS/2 and Win9X
  12/30-14:35 . 2052 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.3.1.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Dec 30 07:34 JST 2002 TAR-SIZ
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