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[DeleGate-En] http URL redirection and SSL
29 Nov 2002 09:47:41 GMT "Blake, Jordan (ISS Atlanta)" <>

Using DeleGate 8.1.0, SSLWAY works fine for me in CERN (RELAY=proxy) mode, but I'd like to be able to combine SSL with URL redirection (RELAY=delegate) using this notation https://delegate/-_-URL <https://delegate/-_-URL> . I can administer the proxy using https (https://delegate/-/admin/), but when I try to use the URL redirection it will work initially for a couple URLs, but fail after a few sites and then refuse to work after that, even sometimes after restarting DeleGate. I can't seem to reliably identify the problem.
Also, URLs keep defaulting back to http:// instead of https:// when typed into the IExplorer address bar... don't know if that's something DeleGate has control of though.
Any help appreciated.

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