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  11/28-13:10 . 2000  "denpa" <> [89]
http URL redirection and SSL
  11/29-18:47 . 2001  "Blake, Jordan (ISS Atlanta)" <> [13]
___ Using DeleGate 8.1.0, SSLWAY works fine for me in CERN (RELAY=proxy) mode, but I'd like to be able to combine SSL with URL redirection (RELAY=delegate) using this notation https://delegate/-_-URL <h
how to get the server/client info in the ftp-data filter
  11/29-21:04 . 2002  "Wu Jiafu" <> [20]
___ Hello, I did a small FTP filter for DeleGate 8.1.0, using "CMAP=filter:{FTOSV,FTOCL}:ftp-data". Now, I am considering logging the filtering result, such as the FTP server IP, path/file name, client
Problem with Windows 2000
  11/30-07:17 . 2003  "Valentin Glaser" <> [432]
___ Hello Yutaka! Delegated is a grate program! Thank you for this work! I have a little Problem, Delegated version 7 and 8 produce by my home and work Windows 2000 PC errors like in gif. What cat is it
how to get the server/client info in the ftp-data filter
  11/30-21:10 . 2004 (Yutaka Sato) [108]
___ Hi, At least DeleGate passes client identity to filter program in environment variables compatible with CGI (REMOTE_HOST, REMOTE_ADDR and REMOTE_IDENT). I can see it with the following filter and pa
http URL redirection and SSL
  11/30-21:56 . 2005 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ like describe in <URL:>, then you need a parameter BASEURL=https://tcprelay-DeleGate at the HTTPS-DeleGate. Since RELAY=delegate makes DeleGate vis
Forwarding TCP
  12/02-12:31 . 2006  "Ana Winton" <> [44]
___ Can Delegate forward all tcp packets to an upstream proxy? I would like to forward all packets destined for the internet and send them to an upstream proxy. I see how to do http and ftp. Thanks very
http URL redirection and SSL
  12/02-16:10 . 2007  "Blake, Jordan (ISS Atlanta)" <> [196]
___ Thanks for your help. I actually wasn't attempting to use url redirection at the same time as the tcprelay, but rather as a possible alternative. In any case, what you said below makes sense. To tro
error after upgrating delegate to 7.9.12
  12/02-17:05 . 2008  May Yang <> [69]
___ Dear Yutaka-san, It work well after upgrating to 8.1.0! Thank you very much! Best regards, May Yang 楊 玉梅 *** CTCラボラトリーシステムズ株式会社 ライフ・サイエンス営業部 BIO技術グループ 〒154-0012
how to get the server/client info in the ftp-data filter
  12/02-19:55 . 2009  "Wu Jiafu" <> [168]
___ Hi, Thanks a lot for your kindly help. But after applying the patch, it does not work so well: SERVER_HOST=- SERVER_ADDR=(null) I added one line to the patched ftp.c, then it seems work: SERVER_HOST
  12/03-02:18 . 2010 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ Hi, Thanks for your notice. I tried to minimize the patch before sending it out, to do over minimization and sent it out without testing X-) I remember that the patch for ftp.c:FTP_data_relay() was
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