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Help with unusual NNTP setup
  08/09-12:57 . 0020 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [60]
___ It seems a little strange for me that such a major news-reader (Forte Agent) does not support AUTHINFO authentication... But certainly there are news-reader which don't support AUTHINFO. So I made a
data channell not encrypted
  08/10-21:21 . 0021  "Piero Berritta" <> [23]
___ Hello, Thanks to Yutaka for the immediate answer. I'm still trying to make an ssl tunnel between an ftp client and an ftp server issuing the following commands: Client side: delegated -P21 FSV="sslw
  08/11-01:06 . 0022  "Soenke J. Peters" <> [27]
___ Hi, I mailed the following to Yutaka Sato before, but he asked me to post this to the english list again: Could it be possible to make also patches ("diff -urN") available? It takes a quite long tim
Delegate and Mail
  08/11-05:26 . 0023  "Julie Schenck" <> [7]
___ Hi , I have a situation where an external office needs to get mail from the internal server. The employees connect to a ISP and then telnet through the firewall. The question that I need answered is
  08/11-06:09 . 0024 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [24]
___ on 08/11/98(05:33:56) Generally, you can use SERVER="tcprelay://host:port" for any application protocol, if the target server is bound to the one at "host:port", to transparently relay the protocol
data channell not encrypted
  08/11-06:51 . 0025 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [52]
___ on 08/10/98(21:18:54) Between two DeleGate servers, no FTP data connection is created but data is passed on the control connection, using "MODE XDC" private extension. On the client side, you will s
Netscape 4.05-en with delegated & sslway
  08/11-23:27 . 0026  Thomas Stolzenberger <> [82]
___ I am using Netscape 4.05-en for client and I have the same result as I am using your routinge for generation of the certification. Is it possible, that Netscape Version 3.x is using a different "key
LDAP: how ?
  08/12-19:23 . 0027  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [9]
___ Hi, can anyone tell me how should I configure (which protocol?) our Delegate, if my clients want to use LDAP services in Netscape and PegasusMail? Thanks in advance, soli
Help, I am a new to delegate..
  08/12-19:51 . 0028  Livhu Tshisikule <> [14]
___ Hi, I am very interested in delegate, so I have decided to test. Unfortunately I am having some problems . I want to setup delegate to proxy all hhtp and ftp from the internal network to the interne
DeleGate SSL
  08/13-23:26 . 0029  "J.Francois" <> [34]
___ I have been using DeleGate as a Public Proxy since September 1997. Thank you Yutaka Sato for a great tool! My question is: SSL - The client<--->proxy part works fine. However, as a relay proxy it do
  08/13-23:32 . 0030  "J. Francois" <> [13]
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