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[DeleGate-En] Delegate and SSL
15 Nov 2002 22:34:35 GMT "Blake, Jordan (ISS Atlanta)" <>

Great proxy server you're building here. I was wondering if there is a
way to use Delegate and SSL or another encryption method to encrypt
requested URLs/IP addresses/hostnames.
Here's my situation:
I have strung two Delegate proxies together using SSL to tunnel http
requests through an intermediate firewall.
Here is how I set it up:
Client proxy (web browser):
delegate -v -P8000 FMD=sslway ADMIN="IEUser@"
Server proxy (, connects to external servers):
delegate -v -P2000 FCL=sslway ADMIN="IEUser@" PERMIT="*:*:*"
So, in this scenario, the client proxy encrypts requests, forwards them
to, which decrypts them, grabs the requested
information, and sends it back through the encrypted tunnel. The
intermediate firewall should be unable to decipher the data passed
between the delegate proxies.
I know this is working, because it took many hours of trial and error to
get SSL set up properly. If any files (server-key.pem, server-cert.pem
server-key.pas) are missing or incorrect, communications will fail -
however not all of it...
I noticed that URLs and hostnames themselves are NOT obfuscated by
sslway. I know this because when I don't have SSL working properly, I am
still able to see the requested URL sent from the client proxy to the
server proxy - although the request inevitably fails.
Any idea how to hide the requested URLs & hostnames/IPs as well?
Appreciate any help.

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