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[DeleGate-En] Proxy not forwarding to web page..
30 Oct 2002 17:00:33 GMT Walter Sherman <>

Ok, I'm very new to Delegate and I have just taken the responsibilities of
maintaining our server. As far as I can tell we run DeleGate/6.1.12. When a
older version of Netscape 4.73 accesses the URL that is setup it gets
forward to the proper page... (an example:
<> ).
But when I try to access the same URL from either Internet Explorer 6.0 or
Netscape 7.0 they never get sent to the proper page and instead are left
hanging at a blank page. Is there a simple fix that I am missing to this? Or
does DeleGate need to be updated?
Sr. Audio/Visual Technician
Merced College
3600 M Street
Merced, CA 95384

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