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[DeleGate-En] SSL to escape ISP packet filtering
24 Oct 2002 16:44:15 GMT "Jairon" <>

My university has recently blocked IRC by dropping all packets which look like the IRC connection protocol. The only way I can think of getting around this is running an encrypted proxy (SSL).

Curently I have this delegate running on my computer.
RemoteServer.exe -P8888 -f DGROOT=/DeleGate1 FSV=sslway.exe -cert ca.crt -key ca.key -pass blah SERVER=tcprelay://RemoteProxyIP:9999/ ADMIN="blah@myip"

with files:
in /DeleGate1/lib/

Outside of my university I have a remote proxy looking like this:
RemoteServer.exe -P9999 -f DGROOT=/DeleGate2 FCL=sslway.exe SERVER=socks ADMIN="blah@myip"

without the filter command I can get working connections with other protocols such as FTP etc... however when I add the SSL encryption I can no longer connect.

What am I doing wrong here? =(

Thanks for your time. Amazing program.


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