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Fatal Error in Win95 version of 5.8.5
  01/01-13:54 . 0191  Mark Peacock <> [23]
  I'm trying to run DeleGate as a simple HTTP proxy in Win95. I start DeleGate using the following command: delegate -P80 SERVER=http DeleGate initializes and issues a series of messages. However, whe
  01/01-14:34 . 0192 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [27]
  on 01/01/99(13:54:39) Tell me which version of DeleGate are you testing, and where and how did you get the executalbe file. Since there seems to be at least thousands of DeleGate users on Win95 toda
Fatal Error in Win95 version of 5.8.5]
  01/01-16:26 . 0193  Mark Peacock <> [21]
  Tell me which version of DeleGate are you testing, and where and how did you get the executalbe file. Since there seems to be at least thousands of DeleGate users on Win95 today, I cannot readily be
  01/01-18:24 . 0194 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [83]
  Hi Mark, Ok, then let's try shooting the bug in your environment. To tell the truth, I'm little familiar with Windows and not so clearly remember the porting to it I did two years ago, and the bug d
Fatal Error in Win95 version of 5.8.5]]
  01/02-10:14 . 0195 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [45]
  on 01/02/99(05:54:52) Then I suppose now you can use the DeleGate/5.8.5 without the fix without the problem too, isn't it? If so... I suppose I can describe the problem as this: a handle value for a
Still not able to get working the client authorization in SSL proxy
  01/03-16:48 . 0196  Horia Georgescu <> [48]
  A Happy New Year! Here I am again, returning to the tests I've stared last year. To recap, what I would like to achieve is to use delegated as a reverse SSL proxy, which authenticates SSL clients ba
  01/03-17:51 . 0197 (Yutaka Sato) [76]
  You mean you ran it with "FCL=sslway -ac" without "-client_auth" to be connected with the client successfully? And something wrong occurred when added "-client_auth"? Sorry but I don't know anything
About CFI
  01/06-00:25 . 0198 [15]
  Hello, I'd like to know if CFI is implemented or if it's being developed. I could not find information on how to activate it (well I found information but it is in Japanese ;-( I just wanted to tell
External Scripts scripts in Perl
  01/06-00:50 . 0199 [19]
  Hello, I've understood, after some time ;-) that I could make my scripts in any language (Perl for instance), instead of C, as I'm on Unix, so I don't need any library.a or libsusbt.a (in the docs i
  01/06-01:26 . 0200 [17]
  Ooops, I've written too rapidly. I found the answer to my own question ;-) If someone is interested, there are several ways to implement a 'fdopen' in Perl: - FileHandle::fdopen - POSIX::fdopen - op
About CFI
  01/06-15:38 . 0201 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  Hi Luc, - Anywhere you like, and refer it with its absolute path, or - put it at a certain directoy and point there with "WORKDIR=...", or - put it in the invoking direcotiry and say like "+/FTOCL=c
Bind to specific IP-address
  01/06-20:56 . 0202  =?iso-8859-1?Q?P=E5l_L=F8berg?= <> [13]
  I am trying to find a way to make Delegate (5.8.1) bind to a specific IP-address. It is running on a host with many virtual interfaces, and I need to run both a Delegate FTP server (on
  01/06-22:23 . 0203 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
  "-P10.0.0.1:21" will do instead of "-P21". [Manual.txt] [tutor-en.txt] Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Labor
CuSeeme Proxy and Delegate Configuration
  01/07-01:01 . 0204 (Yutaka Sato) [44]
  One of problems is that DeleGate try using UDP/SOCKS5 even when no SOCKS server is specified. This bug will be fixed with the enclosed patch. More serious one is that DeleGate does not support any r
Why delegate is so good on win95
  01/07-02:43 . 0205  oz malul <> [11]
  I tried the delegate5.8.5 as proxy on windows 95. His performance was better with comparison to any author proxy that I have ever encounter on this platform. I wonder what is the trick that make del
  01/07-03:42 . 0206 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  Is that true? There is no trick for Win95 in DeleGate. I managed to port it to the Win32 platform two years ago making some compatible functions to emulate Unix in rary/windows.c. Because DeleGate h
  01/08-23:53 . 0207 [38]
  I have downloaded your OS/2 binary with hopes of using it to set up a proxy to work in conjunction with the firewall provided by IBM with the TCP/IP 4.1 for OS/2. I find that your README.OS2 in this
  01/09-00:38 . 0208 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  That'not MINE, since I've never distributed binary for OS/2, nor even used OS/2. What I am distributing are at "" with name "delegateV.R.P.tar.gz" and several docume
  01/09-01:17 . 0209 [45]
  I downloaded the binary from a link on your Delegate home page,, so I assumed it was an officially sanctioned distribution. As I don't have a compiler here
  01/09-02:39 . 0210 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  I see. It's a one distributed by Mr. Ueno <> who originated and has been contributing on the DeleGate's porting to OS/2. I'm grateful to him for his contribu
  01/09-03:28 . 0211 [95]
  My system meets the above qualifications. When I attempt to run the package, which I have loaded in a directory h:\os2\delegate, I get the following results (captured from my text session, cmd line
Compuserve proxy?
  01/09-22:15 . 0212  "=?ISO8859-2?Q?Sltormos_Csaba?=" <> [19]
  Hi! We haved moved our proxy, mailserver (and other things) from NT to linux. On our NT server we were using the "Spaghetti" proxy server(other name:"Avirt Gateway Server"). It was the best we've fo
delegate WEB administration
  01/09-22:23 . 0213  "=?ISO8859-2?Q?Sltormos_Csaba?=" <> [19]
  Hi! I think that the "http://-/-/" url is a useful thing...:) But it were more useful if it would have some more feature : -"clear cache:nntp-ftp-http" -"Show current connections:nntp:http-ftp" -"Sh
  01/11-04:30 . 0214 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [208]
  The address is "" but it's not like "mailing-list" as no one can subscribe it :-) The archive is available at "" Anywa
Help :)
  01/11-05:47 . 0215  "poepping" <> [50]
  I have a windows computer that dial to the net, and then 2 linux computers that are connected to the windows computer with tcp/ip I want to be able to telnet/ftp/and http from the two linux machines
  01/12-02:23 . 0216  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [62]
  It is not identical. The file size is same but its contents is different. I you get the identical file, you might get it from the web cache located somewhere in the network. However, I think the new
Cache sibling logfiles ?
  01/14-23:34 . 0217  Lars =?iso-8859-1?Q?Holmstr=F6m?= <> [45]
  I installaed the 5.8.7 Delegate on a Linux 2.2 system. I configured the Delegate as an ICP sibling together with a squid, also running Linux extract from /etc/rc.d/init.d/delegate echo -n "Starting
NNTP time out's and confusing log-messages
  01/15-00:52 . 0218  Lars =?iso-8859-1?Q?Holmstr=F6m?= <> [37]
  What does this mean : 01/13 23:05:26.68 [825] 15+0/3: cleaned up zombi: 826 (EOF) I am experiencing communication problems when fetching NNTP articles. Pressing "update" (or what ever it was called)
Delegate as BW manager
  01/15-00:56 . 0219  Evaghelos Tsiotsios <> [24]
  01/15-02:58 . 0220  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [24]
  The log file has the line like below; 01/13 08:34:05.97 [73] 0+0: TMPFILE: cannot create (24) = ./tmp/dg73.2.916216445 (24) is an error number meaning `Too many open files'. Really odd. This is my f
  01/15-03:22 . 0221 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
  Very odd but it seems to explain why fopen() failes while mkdir() succeeds. Running DeleGate with -vv may make somewhat useful information about what kind of so many files are opened, and are possib
  01/15-19:18 . 0222  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [38]
  The following is a patch to avoid a `Too may files opened' error on some (Warp server?) OS/2 system. Hiro Ueno
  01/15-19:18 . 0223  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [59]
  Have you already applied the latest fixes for TCP/IP v4.1? If not, get it from and try it. I am using TCP/IP v3.1 and v4.0 with t
Cache clean procedures for Linux ?
  01/15-20:45 . 0224  Lars =?iso-8859-1?Q?Holmstr=F6m?= <> [10]
  I am running 5.8.7 Delegate on a Linux 2.2 system working as a NNTP gateway (and cache) and a proxy/cache server. I am looking for some advice for a procedure to clean up the cache, lets say every n
  01/16-16:46 . 0225 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  I made a somewhat "official" patch for the latest version (5.8.7) from the one by Ueno-san, with tanks to him. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer
Cache clean procedures for Linux ?
  01/16-16:57 . 0226 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  See Manual.txt for more details about EXPIRE and CRON parameters. I suppose CRON="0 0 * * * -expire 5d" or so will do. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ C
Delegate as BW manager
  01/16-17:42 . 0227 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
  I'm reminded of a similar question made last September in this "mailing-list" and my answer is at "" In short, I have a plan about it to be realized in
  01/16-18:09 . 0228 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  I'm reminded of another fact that I made an experimental feature about process scheduling and flow control by DeleGate in last October. The original intention of the feature was preventing CPU and b
Delegate and Reloading Problem
  01/18-01:15 . 0229  "John Varan" <> [33]
  client. error: Would you mind sending your question to ? I'd like to open and share any Q & A about DeleGate to make both you and me be happy. (See http://wall.etl.go.
  01/18-03:22 . 0230 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  "304 Not modified" itself is not an error but a normal response as specified in the HTTP protocol, which shows that the document you accessed is not modified since your last access, thus you will ge
  01/18-06:38 . 0231  "John Varan" <> [17]
  Yes, without Delegate, the message does not appear. The problem is that it THINKS we have the page, when we really don't. If I connect to a page, and then hit "STOP" half-way through before it is fi
  01/18-09:01 . 0232 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  I think that who THINK that you have the page is your browser itself, which issues a HTTP request with "If-Modified-Since" header field which force a proxy or a target server recognize that you have
  01/19-08:26 . 0233  "John Varan" <> [10]
  Turns out that re-installing Netscape solved this problem. Thanks anyway! Now, we are facing another problem. We are issuing the following commands: ___ Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.ho
  01/20-00:18 . 0234  =?iso-8859-2?Q?J=E1n=20Mr=E1zik?= <> [40]
  Dear Sir ! I have trouble with sending large mail (1~10 MB). I received message "Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself". In log file 8025 is added line "E-A: ABORT: caught SIGSEGV [11]". Plea
Compiler Warnings
  01/20-19:32 . 0235  Ertan Payci <> [19]
  Hi Folks, I'm using delegate as a proxy-cache for http, http-ftp, ftp. I've two problems: First, i get a lot of warnings when compiling delegate. Something like "xxx ist declared static and later ex
  01/22-16:43 . 0236 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Don't care such warnings. I've never experienced any serious problem caused by it, and as I often move code stuff from a file to another, declaring a function as "static" will bother me. Post it ple
  01/23-03:53 . 0237  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [88]
  I tried TCP/IP v4.1+DeleGate combination on my Warp4 machine but I could not recreate the problem. That is mainly because, on my machine, any socket was not beeing left in used state. Netstat -l com
  01/23-05:18 . 0238  NABHANI <> [0]
  01/23-07:00 . 0239 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Yes. It is done in bind_inet() function in inets.c file, at line Setsockopt(sock,SOL_SOCKET,SO_REUSEADDR,&REUSE,sizeof(REUSE)); Although I don't understand what is happening on the OS/2 environment,
  01/23-07:23 . 0240  NABHANI <> [0]
How to set up for SMTP
  01/24-11:19 . 0241  Kris Kadela <> [10]
  I need to set up DeleGate to forward all SMTP and POP requests to another server on my network. How do I do this? Drake P3 Profiling System Http://
  01/24-11:34 . 0242 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  You mean "requests" to your host? Totally transparently? If so, running two delegateds like: delegated -P110 SERVER=tcprelay://your-pop-server:110 delegated -P25 SERVER=tcprelay://your-smtp-server:2
NNTP cache and list problems
  01/24-17:46 . 0243  Mike Holling <> [18]
  Just started using DeleGate, it looks pretty good. I'd like to be able to cache some newsgroups but not all of them. Unfortunately, when I turn caching on it tries to cache all articles in binary gr
Delegate 5.8.5 on Warp 4
  01/27-09:04 . 0244  Kris Kadela <> [12]
  I just noticed that the reason why I can't get Delegate to work is that it cannot open any sockets. Here is the -vv output [D:\os2\delegate]delegated -vv -P25 SERVER=tcprelay://drake.power 01/26 17:
Delegate 5.8.5 for OS/2
  01/27-23:14 . 0245  Kris Kadela <> [12]
  I have this running -P25 SERVER=tcprelay:// When i telnet into the delegate PC on port 25 I get a connection from (good) but when mail is coming it is always re
relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused
  01/28-17:59 . 0246  Mark Kadela <> [14]
  Another question (BTW, I got the mail server stuff figured out :) I need to relay requests to an internal PC requests for should be relayed to requests for www.
Compiler Warnings
  01/29-18:46 . 0247  Ertan Payci <> [80]
  Hi there, recently, i reported an error dealing with nntp-connections. Here is a piece of the logfile. The config-file is following immediatly. After that, there is another questions i have: CACHE E
Delegate 5.8.5 on Warp 4
  01/31-03:09 . 0248  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [17]
  That's because the local loopback is inactive. Activate loopback via TCP/IP configuration panel or by typing `ifconfig lo up' at the command prompt. Hiro Ueno
  01/31-03:09 . 0249  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [18]
  Mail from where? You need to setup delegeted with the appropriate access control parameters if it will be accessed from the remote network. Consult a Manual.txt file about REMITTABLE/PERMITTABLE/REL
  01/31-14:19 . 0250  Drake P3 <> [41]
  Thank You. I figured that one out (is there a better manual coming? I foud Manual.txt to be very confusing) Now I have other questions under the "relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused " topi
relay virual http to internal PC <-- confused
  01/31-19:24 . 0251  Hiroshi Ueno 上野博 <> [20]
  How about this? delegated -P80 SERVER=http MOUNT="/**" MOUNT="/**" PERMIT=... Hiro Ueno
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