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keep users on another OS
  08/07-02:01 . 1820 [45]
___ En rponse Yutaka Sato <>: first, thank for all your help! To my new server which is now ready to run, it's doesn't work... Maybe my parameter is wrong(see follow)...But I crea
Windows proxy + Fauth samples
  08/07-04:00 . 1821  "Borba, Wilter" <> [55]
___ Hi, Would be nice if local authorizations expires. I "found" delegate one week ago, so i'm testing and learning a lot. Please excuse my little english, i speak spanish. Best regards, Wilter. ---Mens
HELP ME Please...........
  08/07-11:41 . 1822  =?iso-8859-1?q?Jos=E9=20Luis=20Serrano=20Rivera?= <> [21]
___ Hi! We have SuSE Linux 7.3 pro and are trying to setup a mail relay server with Delegate 7.9.9. Our clients use MS Oulook Express and when they try to get their mail (from different mailservers outs
Question about AUTH without ftp server run
  08/07-21:40 . 1823 [16]
___ Hello, ==This mail is just for information== I find the solution of my pb of AUTH parameter (which didn't work). The log write that AUTH work with a ftp localhost authentification. But I don't run f
Any transaction log for POP and SMTP protocol?...
  08/09-15:39 . 1824  "Brandon Kho" <> [61]
___ Hi, I am using delegate for POP and SMTP. I find that PROTOLOG and TRACELOG does not work for this 2 protocols. I am running a W2K server. If that the case, any other method to log the transaction f
Question about AUTH without ftp server run
  08/13-22:38 . 1825 [36]
___ En rponse Hola! I made a very big mistake in my last mail! Delegate doesn't authenticate in ftp server (or I didn't find how we can do it)...So everyone
7.8.1 as W2K service: Performance, restart etc
  08/14-15:55 . 1826  "Hiroko Sano" <> [185]
___ Hello, Sato-san, thank you very much for care about my append log file. I was careless. I checked the last log which we tried to use dg7910e.exe the other time. The trouble: Some clients got "No pag
  08/15-09:47 . 1827 (Yutaka Sato) [73]
___ Is it a newly appeared problem in dg7910e.exe? Is the problem continueing to happen? Could you show me the log in LOGFILE when the problem occurred? Certainly it shows a high load exists (54 child p
howto change the format of the logfile ????
  08/16-19:54 . 1828 [20]
___ Hello there, I have a perhaps simple question. I want to use a logfile analyser toshow me traffics and so on ! I want to change the logfile format, that it can be read be my analyser. Normal logfile
How to use a passwordfile for authentication ????
  08/16-20:00 . 1829 [21]
___ Hello, on my linux machine I have a standard passwordfile. It is create by the htpasswd from apache. This passwordfile is also used by my proxy oops for http authentication. Now I want to use this p
7.8.1 as W2K service: Performance, restart etc
  08/19-10:51 . 1830  "Hiroko Sano" <> [912]
___ Hello, sorry about I didn't explain about the situation well. No, the problem was same from the beginning to us. Our problem is, When the http proxy user connections increases, the http proxy got no
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