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[DeleGate-En] Re: keep users on another OS
06 Aug 2002 17:01:11 GMT

En réponse à Yutaka Sato <>:

first, thank for all your help!

To my new server which is now ready to run, it's doesn't work...
>  |07/24 10:15:17.53 [15053] 0+0: arg[4] AUTH=proxy:pauth
>  |07/24 10:15:17.53 [15053] 0+0: arg[5] RELIABLE=*@localhost
> In RELIABLE, specify the name of first host of DeleGate instead of
> "localhost".

Maybe my parameter is wrong(see follow)...But I create my user list with a 
script on my debian 3.0 and a file with all the name/passwd I had. the 
profiles are good, I can open session with them on the server, but it doesn't 
work too with the "arg[5] RELIABLE=*@localhost"!
Can you say me where is my error?

Another thing, maybe a bug i don't know: remark that my DGROOT is 
now /var/delegate; when I do "delegated -P8080 -Fkill" I have this 
errormsg "/home/delegate/act/pid/8080":no active server on the port.
Is it normalous that delegated search in this wrong DGROOT?

=======my start config=======
ext[0] MOUNT=*%Swarez%S = rcode=403
ext[7] MOUNT=*%Sxxx%S = rcode=403
ext[8] MOUNT=delegate.**
arg[2] DGROOT=/var/delegate
arg[3] AUTH=admin:*:adminjrr@frpa01proxy
arg[4] AUTH=proxy:pauth
arg[5] RELIABLE=*@
arg[6] PERMIT=*:*:.localnet
arg[7] PROXY=
arg[8] SHARE=
arg[9] PROTOLOG=:%C
arg[10] CACHE=do
arg[11] MOUNT=+=/var/delegate/adm/blacklist.txt


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