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[DeleGate-En] 7.8.1 as W2K service: Performance, restart etc
29 Jul 2002 02:55:45 GMT "Hiroko Sano" <>

Hi , I am using 7.9.5 and I have exactly same situation with yours.  
I use Delegate  mainly as a HTTP proxy , and for a few users,  i also set 
FTP,SMTP, POP proxy on Win2k server. 
1) When the http proxy user connections increases, the http proxy got not 
responding. Then IE client got "No page found" brought by IE 
original. That means user could not talk to Delegate server.  The users 
could get the pages after sometimes they tried to reload the page.
2) Occasionaly ( once per 2 days in my environment with about 50 
simultaneous users) the all http proxy processes were dead. And I had to 
restart the server.  I say the same popup message " "Delegate has 
performed an illegal instruction. "  But the popup msg seemed long before 
the processes were dead.
Here is my config.
The server has 1.25GB memory and enough HDD spaces.
---from here---
Sebastian, did you fix your problem? Could you please give me any 

And, could anyone  tell me what's this problem is? 

I really need to figure out how I can solve this problem. 


 I also tried with 7.9.7. But the problem has been continued.



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