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[DeleGate-En] could not register Email address for ftp access // page design ?
26 Jul 2002 22:19:13 GMT sendner <>


after filling out the E-mail address and hitting the RETURN key or download button 
on page
I got the message in an OK Box :

       "InternalError in FTP Module"
Button "OK"
used Browser was Opera 6.02 (OS= windows-ME).

There is normally not a problem with this browser when using "submit" buttons.
except the pages are designed with special regard to Internet Explorer.

I could not check if the email address was submitted, but it was possibly not, as the ftp login does 
not work.

It does not work any better with MSIE 5.5 

after RETURN an error Message appears 
Header: "Server not found - Microsoft Internet Explorer"
Address: ""

content "page can not be displayed not translated
....   usual 404 Error (you`ll see if you try  e.g http://yyy.yy.yyyy)

regards sendner

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