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[DeleGate-En] =?iso-8859-1?Q?R=E9f=2E_=3A_Re=3A_[DeleGate-En]_R=E9f=2E_=3A_Re=3A_[?= DeleGate-En]_PID file disapear when restart
23 Jul 2002 17:23:08 GMT

Ok, see follow the result of your request:

[adminjrr@frpa01proxy adminjrr]$ grep nobody /etc/passwd
[adminjrr@frpa01proxy adminjrr]$ cd ~nobody
[adminjrr@frpa01proxy home]$

So my nobody's profile doesn't be the same of yours...If I change the
paramètres in the passwd file, my DGROOT become
If I add the option DGROOT=/home/delegate and I change the rights on this
folder to nobody/nogroup (I have rewrite my original nobody/nogroup profile
before changing right), everythings is good...

Thank for your help!
Do you have a consulting to give me about my precedent problem (mail 1764 &
1769) ? It's very important for me...And I want to resolv this problem to
have an perfect delegate proxy ( I try to show how many Linux is good here
this is the first Linux box in my compagnie )!

                                                   Thank you very much of your assistance, patience  
                                                   and for your program.. I hope I could help you     
                                                   soon if you need (you do a very fast work!)...    

Guillaume de Rorthais

             (Yutaka            Pour :                            
                      Sato)                    cc :     JehanGuillaume.DeRorthais@omya..               
                                               Objet :  Re: [DeleGate-En] Réf. : Re: [DeleGate-En] PID   
                      23/00/0000 00:01         file disapear when restart                                
                      répondre à                                                                         


In message
on 07/24/02(01:31:15) you wrote:
 |See the result on my Linux:

Thank you for your testing.  Maybe I recognized what happened.

 |[root@frpa01proxy src]# ./delegated -P9876
 |[root@frpa01proxy src]# <DeleGate/7.9.5 by> [29713]
-P9876 READY

On the invocation, your DGROOT (for "nobody" user) is "/home/delegate".
This happens when all of following conditions are true.

 - the "nobody" has his shell
 - the home directory of "nobody" is "/home"
 - "/home/delegate" or "/home" exists and writable by "nobody" (maybe by

These are not true on usual environment.  And I used these conditions
to detect non-human user like "nobody", "daemon", and so on.

% grep nobody /etc/passwd
SunOS       nobody:*:65534:65534::/:
Solaris     nobody:x:60001:60001:Nobody:/:
FreeBSD     nobody:*:65534:65534:Unprivileged
Linux-RH7.1 nobody:x:99:99:Nobody:/:

Could you show me the passwd entry of "nobody" and/or the result of
the command "echo ~nobody" ?

 |[root@frpa01proxy src]# ./delegated -P9876 -Fkill-hup
 |"/home/delegate/act/pid/9876": kill(29713,SIGHUP) = 0 (0) ** OK **
 |[root@frpa01proxy src]# <DeleGate/7.9.5 by> [29713]
-P9876 READY

On the restarting, "$HOME/delegate" is tried instead of "~nobody/delegate"
and it fails, then /tmp/delegate-nobody is used as the last candidate.

 |The file has been erase but the port still open...My Linux box is an
 |Mandrake 8.2 (I was no time when I installed my proxy...And still now :).
 |It's strange, maybe I'm the onlyone to have this problem (like for
 |jacada...). I'm not luky ! But for this problem, I don't know where I can
 |search the solution...

  @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
 ( - ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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