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11 Jul 2002 02:15:27 GMT "Randy and Sabrina" <>

Here's my problem, can you help?

I am trying to reach this website, ( from home, I can access it at work. The farthest I get is when I do a tracert. Then it times out. Whois says it's owned by Bellsouth. Until a month ago, I could access it. I haven't changed anything on my system. A d713p router with 3 computers running on a wireless network. I even tried connecting from each of the other systems.
I live in Orlando fl approx. 2 miles from the physical address of the school. I have Roadrunner cable access and am a BellSouth telephone customer. Roadrunner, bellsouth and Valencia couldn't help me, can you? I would appreciate any input that you have on this matter, I am trying to take an on-line course. Thanks.

Its probably a routing problem that is beyond your control. You could try going through a proxy service, to come at it from another direction.

I was playing with this and it worked for me (remove the spaces in the "http"): t t p:// tried the proxy.magusnet and got a page saying I was forbidden entry. The name on the certificate doesn't match the name of the site. 

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