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[DeleGate-En] Setting SERVCONF to no automatically
02 Jul 2002 13:39:58 GMT "Lynn Lantz" <>

I wrote earlier how to get rid of the "set automatic start on system
startup" question when starting the service automatically from a
You said to use the SERVCONF parameter set to Auto.  That works to get
rid of the question but the default answer is Yes and I want the answer
to be No.
I tried SERVCONF=no, SERVCONF=n, SERVCONF=off, and none of that works.
Is there a parameter or answer to force this to no?
Secondly, if the service is already running another question comes up
that asks to delete the current service.  Is there a parameter I can set
to force it to delete the previous one?   Does SERVCONF=auto do that?  
Just a suggestion - it would be nice to have a way to autostart the
service without any user interaction questions being allowed.  Otherwise
the startup just hangs there forever since there is no console
interaction with it to answer the question.

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