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[DeleGate-En] Strange problems? :?
17 Dec 1998 07:00:06 GMT Official <>

Hello ,

Sorry, if my questions is very dummy:

I'm use DG 5.8.0 at Linux Red Hat 5.0

I have my official mailbox at my server
and also i have a some free mailboxes
at, -
(just for spam)

When i start recieving mail (it is machine with fakeip),
program waiting for connect to mailserver more
than i can wait
(more than 15min - after it I'm stop waiting).
(from machine with real ip, time for connect is
near 10seconds)

Machine_with_fake_ip can ping Linux & Linux can ping

Delegate started:
deleagated -P8080 REMITTABLE=+,http,ftp PERMIT="*:"*:*"

I think it's not nesesary to start pop from delegate?
Maybe its wrong?

Microsoft Mail at machine_with_fake_ip cause faults.

And Netscape is::
2) Netscape Communucator (4.05) have the same problem
with working throw proxy. Time of waiting for connect
to proxy is unlimited - i wait more than 20min -
(Explorer at the same PC, worked properly) :?

What is the problem? :?

3) And very dummy question:
How can i start & test ident service at Linux?

Best regards,

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