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04 Jun 2002 16:32:39 GMT "Andrei Chiriaev" <>

Dear Yutaka,

"Delegate" is a wonderful and flexible tool that I am intensively 
appreciating.  Nonetheless, I have recently encountered an operational 
in which the WWW application that I am integrating (ASP server scripting, 
IIS 5.0 based) is behaving inconsistently.

After a succinct investigation, I have realized that the "Set-Cookie" HTTP 
header returned to the client is altered by the "Delegate" reverse proxy.

a) Direct hit			: Set-Cookie: <COOKIE ID ... @#@#> path=/
b) Indirect hit ("Delegate")	: Set-Cookie: <COOKIE ID ... @#@#> path=/-

As a consequence, the session initiated at the "IIS" application level is 
not persistent ("cookie ID" and "path" combination) and dies.

The "MountCookieResponse"  method in the "httphead.c" source file is 
logically responsible. ("ovstrcpy" && "sprintf").
After some light changes and a recompilation the issue was settled.

Could you please confirm the anomaly and advise whether is could be included 
in an upcoming fix.


Andrei Chiriaev

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