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[DeleGate-En] Delegate spins cpu to 100% on Win2k Server boot
03 Jun 2002 16:31:44 GMT Jeff Frost <>

Hi there,

I've noticed an odd problem with the 7.9.[45] versions of Delegate.  If I set 
it up as a service on a Win2k Server machine, it works fine until the server 
is rebooted.  When the delegate service comes up on boot, it spins the CPU to 
100%.  Restarting the service fixes the problem, but it seems odd that this 
happens.  I am feeding the service the config file via local IIS server which 
might not be started when delegate starts up.  Do you think this could cause 
such behavior?  My other theory is that the local dns server has not started 
which delegate presumably needs working as well.  Any ideas would be much 



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