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[DeleGate-En] FTP over SSL
28 May 2002 10:44:37 GMT


Delegate is the proxy server I was looking for. Although I've read almost 
all available in english, I have still few questions not covered by docs 
and examples.

1. draft-murray-auth-ftp-ssl-08.txt and RFC-2228 documents are describing 
the 'PROT P' command to secure data connection. After successful AUTH TLS 
and autentication with USER & PASS, the ftp server expect me to issue a 
PBSZ 0 and PROT P commands to force ftp-data to be SSL encrypted. In other 
case the data sessions are unencrypted. How to make Delegate to issue 
those commands after successful autentication ? (I want nonSSL client to 
connect via delegate to SSL enabled server)

My config is as follows:

CMAP="sslway -st/ftp -cert delegatecert.pem -key delegatekey.pem -CAfile 
cacert.pem -Auth:FSV:ftp"
CMAP="sslway -cert delegatecert.pem -key delegatekey.pem -CAfile 
cacert.pem -Auth:FSV:ftp-data"

2. How does verification of server certificate works (-Vrfy) ? It checks 
only if certificate is signed by CA provided by -CAfile ? Is there 
possibility to verify server's cert with cert file ?

3. How to configure Delegate as telnet proxy/SSL to log telnet sessions ? 
(both ways, I mean client commands and server replies ;-> )

4. Please, ask someone to translate docs that are in Japan only ;-).



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