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[DeleGate-En] delegate -local http proxy?
22 May 2002 04:39:33 GMT "vm" <>

I need a freware (windows, browser independent) solution that i can pass
along (gratis) to people who use my website ::

I wrote an HTTP filter of sorts, using IE's BHO technology, but it is
problematical. for some releases of windows. Plus IE/BHO only works for IE
not NetScape.

Basically, all i want to do is:

[windows, browser independent]
Check outgoing request for new URL page.
Check URL request against a TrustedSitesFile.
If URL is in TrustedSitesFile, go there.
If URL not in TrustedSitesFile, require password to continue, ELSE redirect
URL request to local page.
I can program in Delphi5
and willing to learn 'C'.
I downloaded a free
'C' compiler from: . Not sure if this will do
the trick, but i'll give it a whirl

What would i need to do to add the above capability to Delegate?.
Is Delegate free for non-commercial use?

Thanks in advance!

 V  e r n

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