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[DeleGate-En] Problem with HTTP proxy
23 Apr 2002 16:16:35 GMT Airborne <>

hi, i wanna use delegate as HTTP proxy for local network. i got about 500 computers.
my configuration of delegate is like this :

so and i got a few problems..
1. it creating a file in /var/spool/delegate-nobody/log/ which grow very few hours abou 1GB
   how can i stop to creating this file? i want only http.log
2. iam useing Orinoco Silver card as internet gateway, so it goes about 600KB/s..and when i use delegate, it seams to by
   there some speed limit or what, becouse its working only on about 250-300KB/s (see time between 12:00 and 17:00   is running on delegate) how can i run it on full speed? i got abou 200 connections at the time..
3. i think delegate doesnt use his cache..i got option "do", but it look like it never use the cache..allways downloading
   from internet..i dont know if its becouse of PROXY help me plz..
we are student hostile, and we are building this network by our hands, and we need any bite we can take..we dont have money for
anothers if u can help, please help us..thanks a lot..
				Tomas Molota
				Internet connection administrator
				YNET - SD Mladost

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