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23 Apr 2002 11:32:31 GMT Julian Thornhill <>

Sorry to contact you directly, but I feel sort of embarrassed about these 
seemingly trivial questions. I've looked in the manual pages, but I can't 
find the answers or don't understand what I'm reading! Firstly, under 
Windows2000, where is the configuration stored? I ran delegate from the 
command line with the required parameters and it all went well. I decided 
that I wanted DGROOT in a different place, so I ran the command line again. 
It created the DGROOT directories where I expected them, but when I stopped 
and restarted the service it kept putting the cache files in the old place. 
I have to say I'm a bit confused about the whole configuration process 
anyway. Am I simply supposed to run delegated with the appropriate command 
line parameters at the command prompt and it then overwrites the previous 
set of parameters? How do I configure it to point at my ISP's proxy server? 
(for http) Finally, thanks for the effort in producing this software. I'm 
using it in a server at my local primary school. Their Internet connection 
is only 128kbps, so cacheing is vital when a whole class wants to look at a 
web page.

Julian Thornhill

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