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Still 99% utilisation on WIn 2000 with 7.9.3
  04/20-03:07 . 1620  "john barthes" <> [14]
___ Hi, I cannot run delegate as a service, owing to the high utilisation on Windows 2000, Otherwise brilliant product. Thanks Regards John ___ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at http://explorer.
Telnet problem
  04/23-02:34 . 1621  "Vaughn Jardine" <> [61]
___ The Library's staff of the University I work for uses a cataloging application that telnets to an internet server. I use delegate on the proxy and would like to know how to access the site in a sing
  04/23-15:19 . 1622 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ If just a single destination server is reached from your DeleGate server, specify like SERVER="protocol://server" instead of SERVER=protocol. SERVER=telnet://server will do in your case, or SERVER=t
  04/23-20:32 . 1623  Julian Thornhill <> [21]
___ Sorry to contact you directly, but I feel sort of embarrassed about these seemingly trivial questions. I've looked in the manual pages, but I can't find the answers or don't understand what I'm read
Problem with HTTP proxy
  04/24-01:16 . 1624  Airborne <> [25]
___ hi, i wanna use delegate as HTTP proxy for local network. i got about 500 computers. my configuration of delegate is like this : -Tx -P192.168.100.200:8080 SERVER=http PERMIT="*:*:*" PROXY="proxy.el
  04/24-18:21 . 1625  mail <> [34]
___ ■全国の人材バンクへ転職の 一括エントリー登録受付け! ※完全なる[無償サービス]です. ■転職サイトの報酬制バナー提携も 募集中です.転職求職者の登録承認 数に応じて『1000円/件』更に
Problem with HTTP proxy
  04/25-09:38 . 1626  "Jose Moran M" <> [18]
___ Hi, Maybe I can help you with your 3 problem: I don't have problem with cache in delegate, perhaps you need to add some parameters.. This is the configuration I have but in your email is missing, tr
  04/25-17:20 . 1627  Christine Hall <> [73]
blocking ports through socks
  04/26-02:33 . 1628  Vaughn Jardine <> [143]
___ How can I block a port like kazaa's (port 1214) through the socks server? I can configure PERMIT to ALLOW only a specific port e.g. PERMIT="*:{*:1214}:*", but how do I negate this to allow all ports
  04/29-05:11 . 1629  Airborne <> [9]
___ hi, i got another problem..i cant use command HTTP CONNECT with delegate HTTP proxy.. when i want listen some internet radio via Winamp, it doesnt works. CONNECT works only to 443 (https)
CACHE problem
  04/29-22:37 . 1630  Airborne <> [12]
___ hi, can i configure cache for data limit, not for time expire? for example as squid has 500MB and that is all, becouse when i set 5days expire, my disk run out of space before expire.. i got 7GB! fo
blocking ports through socks
  05/02-04:40 . 1631 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ You can do negate with "!", thus PERMIT="*:!{*:1214}:*" will do. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial
  05/02-05:08 . 1632  Vaughn Jardine <> [35]
___ Sorry to say, but I tried negating the PERMIT with PERMIT="*:!{*:1214}:*" and it returns with the following error: Bash: !{*: event not found Why does this happen? ---Original Message--- From: feedb
  05/02-05:18 . 1633 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
___ In some shells, "!" is a reserved character which must be escaped like "\!" to use it as a literal "!". See "man bash" for more details. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> http://w
ftp proxy with tacacs authentication support?
  05/02-13:06 . 1634  =?big5?B?SmV0aHJvIENoaW4g4Nqzx6Sk?= <> [32]
___ Where can I do the setting for users using tacacs ID/password to authenticate the ftp proxy? I know users can authenticate wih localhost ID on that ftp proxy .
Microsoft Internet Explorer wants japanese test display support...
  05/02-23:04 . 1635  "Jeremy T. Grant" <> [19]
___ I have been using delegate for abou a year works great except for one problem that keeps happoning with user that use Microsoft Internet Explorer..They get a popup box that says "download J
https proxy accelerator
  05/02-23:46 . 1636  Enrico Zaffaroni <> [12]
___ I would like to build an https web accelerator to be able to serve several https sites, on different machines, in an internal network with only one public IP. This is really easy with http but I hav
blocking ports through socks
  05/03-00:10 . 1637  Vaughn Jardine <> [49]
___ Thanks for all the help so far. I am still having problems blocking access to port 1214 through socks. Let me give you the exact line I am using. ../delegated -P1080 SERVER=socks PERMIT="*:\!{*:1214
  05/03-02:11 . 1638 (Yutaka Sato) [63]
___ How to escape a reserved character depends on each shell. In cshell, a echo command % echo "\!" prints ! but bash prints \! thus "\!" does not represent literal "!" in bash. I'm not familier with ba
delegate and Netscape messenging server
  05/03-22:23 . 1639  "BEYLOT Jean-claude (75)" <> [117]
___ HI i try to use delegate as SSL proxy server to webmail netscape messaging server After login, netscape's webmail application embeds hardcoded URL of the server in the protocol URL itself. The URL l
blocking ports through socks
  05/04-05:11 . 1640  Vaughn Jardine <> [88]
___ Ahhhhh, Finally. Thanks very much - the single quotes did the trick. You are right, I am not at all familiar with the shell as I only started using Linux about a month ago. I felt that Delegate and
DeleGate/7.9.4 -- fixes for WinXP, VSAP, etc.
  05/07-08:56 . 1641 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.9.4.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: May 7 08:37 JST 2002 TAR-SIZE
Traffic shaping for proxy users
  05/08-21:45 . 1642 [174]
___ Good day Yutaka. Can I ask your Delegated plans about traffic shaping for proxy users? We have problem unmanageability our internet access, and assigning different internet access rate for various g
feedback,introduction on ADSL
  05/13-18:00 . 1643  user <> [39]
  05/17-02:03 . 1644  mail <> [36]
___ ■全国の優良人材紹介会社 へ一括で転職登録を行います. ※このサービスは完全無料です. ■転職サイトの報酬制バナー提携も 募集中です.転職求職者の登録承認 数に応じて『1000円
About ip packets precedence
  05/20-15:33 . 1645 [180]
___ Good time of day. For Delegated developers. Can you implement ip precedence mechanism in Delegate. Example: different precedence in packets Delegated - outside resource tied with precedence value in
delegate -local http proxy?
  05/22-13:39 . 1646  "vm" <> [29]
___ I need a freware (windows, browser independent) solution that i can pass along (gratis) to people who use my website :: I wrote an HTTP filter of sorts, using IE's BHO technolo
DeleGate/7.9.5 -- fixes for freezing on Win32 and reloading by HTTP/1.1
  05/22-18:27 . 1647 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.9.5.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: May 22 16:09 JST 2002 TAR-SIZ
question about dns
  05/23-21:34 . 1648 [31]
___ hello ! delegated looks like an incredible product, thant can do everything :-) my question is: I want to make a dns server ( delegated -P53 SERVER=dns ) that forwards the requests to a http proxy.
  05/24-00:27 . 1649 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ It is not possible, unfortunately. There is an Internet-Draft to relay a DNS data on HTTP protocol, <URL:> bu
Setup Of Delegate
  05/27-16:49 . 1650  "Gary R. Winton" <> [208]
___ Hello: I think this product is great so far, But I need help. I am installing this in our wireless system and come close to get it working, but not all the way. This is how the systems are put toghe
download prohibited
  05/27-16:52 . 1651  gary suen <> [29]
___ Dear sir how come the download site becoming prohibited and require user name and password to be entered?
A question about CFI SCRIPT
  05/27-16:56 . 1652  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=B3=C2=BF=A1=BB=AA?= <> [16]
___ Hi,my question is how to write a cfi script to filter more than one string to another string. For example,i write down the following script,hoping that string1 can be replaced by string2 and string3
  05/27-17:03 . 1653 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
___ At most a single filter command can be specified in a rule in CFI script, so it should be like follows: Filter: sed -e 's/s1/s2/' -e 's/s3/s4/' Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> h
Setup Of Delegate
  05/27-17:16 . 1654 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ You need PERMIT parameter(s) to setup different from the default access control. <URL:> If you need to allow any access without restriction, specify li
FTP over SSL
  05/28-19:44 . 1655 [84]
___ Hi, Delegate is the proxy server I was looking for. Although I've read almost all available in english, I have still few questions not covered by docs and examples. 1. draft-murray-auth-ftp-ssl-08.t
  05/29-00:09 . 1656 (Yutaka Sato) [50]
___ Hi, For the time being, the answer for your first question only. Thank you for pointing it out. It has not been supported and should (must) be. Since I am still not determined the right place where
Bind zu specific Interface for outgoing Traffic
  05/29-21:07 . 1657  =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Thomas_B=F6rnert?= <> [22]
___ Hello! I'm using delegated on a firewall with a freeswan vpn tunnel. I've 3 Interfaces : eth0 (internal), eth1 (external) ipsec0 (vpn). I'll bind delegated to eth0 and it should be send all data wit
  05/30-15:00 . 1658 (Yutaka Sato) [117]
___ Could you tell me how is the sendmail configured to do so? I see. You are so right to think you can use SRCIF to make DeleGate do bind the source address. I've not implemented to refer SRCIF in udpr
Max file size with ftp?
  05/30-19:39 . 1659  Michael Zehrer <> [7]
___ Hi, can I restrict the maximum file size with an delegate ftp proxy? Cheers, Michael
Delegate spins cpu to 100% on Win2k Server boot
  06/04-01:31 . 1660  Jeff Frost <> [16]
___ Hi there, I've noticed an odd problem with the 7.9.[45] versions of Delegate. If I set it up as a service on a Win2k Server machine, it works fine until the server is rebooted. When the delegate ser
  06/05-01:10 . 1661 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Hi, You mean only 7.9.[45] have the problem? If so, the cause can be around DNS server because I did a modification relevant to DNS for Win32 in 7.9.4. You mean feeding it like "+=http://server/dg.c
  06/05-01:32 . 1662  "Andrei Chiriaev" <> [32]
___ Dear Yutaka, "Delegate" is a wonderful and flexible tool that I am intensively appreciating. Nonetheless, I have recently encountered an operational context in which the WWW application that I am in
  06/05-01:55 . 1663 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Hi, Could you tell me how (with what configuration parameters) you set the DeleGate as a reverse proxy? If the "sprintf" is that in the function, you seem to access the DeleGate with "http://delegat
Delegate spins cpu to 100% on Win2k Server boot
  06/05-15:35 . 1664  Jeff Frost <> [48]
___ It's 100% reproducible for me with 7.9.4 and 7.9.5. I have not tried another version yet. As I mentioned it only happens on Win2k boot, so testing it is rather unpleasant as I have to bring the mult
delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/05-16:02 . 1665  "proxyadmin" <> [9]
___ I want to use delegate like a proxy ftp so i do the following command delegate -v -P21 SERVER="ftp://iporiginserver:21" CACHE="do" EXPIRE="120secs" CRON="0 * * * * -Fexpire /pathcache -rm -atime -su
  06/05-17:44 . 1666 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ I'm not sure what is the problem with the configuration. If the problem is that the cached data is not removed after 120 seconds, it should be like this: CRON="* * * * * -expire 120s" The left most
Delegate - ftp - fork function failed
  06/05-19:11 . 1667  "Filip Van de Velde" <> [22]
___ Hello, I am using an older version of delegate(7.3.x) as an ftp proxy with sslway in front of it. Recently we had a few times a problem with the child processes. The Delegate's logging says (multipl
re delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/05-22:46 . 1668  "proxyadmin" <> [49]
___ Thanks for the reponse , but is it possible to clean up with this cron every five minutes ?For example with the following syntax delegate -v -P21 SERVER="ftp://iporiginserver:21" CACHE="do" CRON="0-
  06/06-00:45 . 1669  "Andrei Chiriaev" <> [74]
___ Yutaka, I have identified the "real" problem causing the disruption in my integration process. Several of my "MOUNT" rules refer to "/-", "/-/*" patterns. This was done to exclude the DELAGATE's "ad
re delegate like proxy-ftp with cache
  06/06-07:04 . 1670 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Did you try "every minutes" by "*" ? Could you tell me why you like complex "-Fexpire /pathcache ..." notation (which must incldue -atime +N) instead of simple "-expire N" ? It must be like CRON="0,
Delegate - ftp - fork function failed
  06/06-07:26 . 1671 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Is the message literally as this ? If so, it is not a message generated by DeleGate. It can be one from your shell forking the filter program or so. Unix systems provide system calls to limit availa
refresh file on a cache
  06/07-14:32 . 1672  "michel.guilhem" <> [11]
___ How to be sure that a file on the delegate cache is fresh like the same file on a server ? The icp protocol verify this beetwen caches , my purpose is to verify this beetwen a cache and a server ( f
  06/07-14:41 . 1673 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
___ EXPIRE=0 will do. With this, on each request from client, DeleGate always (0 seconds after the data is cached) asks the server if the cached data is fresh or no (using If-Modified-Since header). Che
  06/07-16:51 . 1674 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Could you tell me why and how you did it? Consistently rewriting any URLs in HTTP headers, including the url- path in Set-Cookie, as well as rewriting URLs in HTML text in HTTP body, is necessary to
Broken headers in '304 Not Modified (cached)'
  06/07-17:07 . 1675  SHIMIZU Fumiyuki <> [28]
___ Hi there, I found that http headers were corrupted when DeleGate returned '304 Not Modified (cached),' and hacked DeleGate 7.9.5 quickly. Please fix them formally. --- snip --- --- http.c.~1~ Fri Ma
refresh a cache when a file is updated on the ftp origin server
  06/08-00:37 . 1676  "michel.guilhem" <> [38]
___ |How to be sure that a file on the delegate cache is fresh like the same EXPIRE=0 will do. With this, on each request from client, DeleGate always (0 seconds after the data is cached) asks the serve
  06/08-00:53 . 1677  "Andrei Chiriaev" <> [62]
___ Yutaka, With the default Delegate configuration accessing URLs of the form : "http://[ip]/-/" will output an administration screen providing utilities such "Server Administration" and "Client Set-up
refresh file on a cache
  06/09-17:30 . 1678  michel <> [64]
___ I'm a newbie , my question is basic but i'm blocked by this . Please help me , i have to defend Delegate's solution in my organisation and the first step is to responds to this demand (with a ftp -
  06/10-07:57 . 1679 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ To hide the builtin data, the following will do. MOUNT="/-/* = rcode=404" You may need builtin icons when you are using DeleGate as a HTTP proxy with gatewaying to non-HTTP protocols. Add the follow
Broken headers in '304 Not Modified (cached)'
  06/10-08:23 . 1680 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ Thank you, I will fix the broken Date header for the 304 response. Also the filtering some entity-headers should/must be done following the HTTP/1.1 specification, but I'm not sure the implementatio
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