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[DeleGate-En] HTTP CGI Problem.
16 Apr 2002 06:33:16 GMT Corley Kinnane <>
University Of Technology, Sydney

I have setup an SSL tunnel to enable remote shell access into a machine 
like so:

delegated -v -P7778 FCL=sslway SERVER=http REMITTABLE=file,cgi MOUNT="/* /home/delegate/http/*" RELIABLE="remotehostname"

I have problems doing much useful from remotehostname.
The error log reports this:

04/16 15:39:45 [2660]-P7778 #### getStopService [/home/delegate/adm/shutout/]
04/16 15:41:45 [2672]-P7778 #### getStopService [/home/delegate/adm/shutout/]
04/16 15:44:44 [2674]-P7778 #### getStopService [/home/delegate/adm/shutout/]
04/16 15:46:10 [2689]-P7778 ####! EMERGENCY STOP !####
04/16 15:46:10 [2689]-P7778 #### setStopService [/home/delegate/adm/shutout/]

It looks like my upload.cgi script is doing things that your origin 
server does not allow.
Is there a way for a CGI script to do things locally without being 
stopped prior to file access ?

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| Sydney. Phone: x1742, (00) 0000 0001
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