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[DeleGate-En] sslway, FXP and passive ftp
12 Apr 2002 22:16:17 GMT thomas <>

i finally got delegate to work with sslway and i love it! :) i run in on
my linux gateway and connect to a ssl-ftp-server using a windows client.
this works all transparently because i have set a iptaples rule for any
local connection that goes to the ssl-ftp-server to be redirected to the
delegate port on the gateway. could not be more comfortable.

however i have one problem. i can not send files from this ssl-ftp to
another ftp server (aka fxp files) or vice versa. it simply chokes when
the server enter passive mode. disabling passive mode completely would
probably make it work but then i can not use passive mode because i am
behind the mentioned gateway. is this possible at all?

i run it like this:

delegated -P8000 CMAP="sslway -ad:FCL:ftp-data" CMAP="sslway
-ad:FSV:ftp" SERVER=FTP://

funny that the -ad switch is not documented yet, i only found it by
looking in the source. it is very useful though.

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