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[DeleGate-En] sslway accept failed
08 Aug 1998 06:26:57 GMT Thomas Stolzenberger <>


I am having a problem running your "delegated" generic HTTP Proxy with
SSL encryption via SSLeay. The following
scenario takes place. A  Netscape Navigator on  the SSL-Client (Linux)
connecting to the Delegated SSL Proxy (Linux) in the following
way, which masks a HTTP server on the PROXY Server with Delegated SSL.
The following command is started on the

    delegated -v -P8080 FCL="sslway -ac" SERVER=https MOUNT="/*

The SSL client Netscape uses this command:


Everything is working fine, if I use the following command line:

    delegated -v -P8080 SERVER=http MOUNT="/* http://localhost/*"

and with the Netscape HTTP client


On the command line of the PROXY/HTTP host the following message appears

if the https connection is done and I have
entered my PASSPHRASE for sslway:

    accept failed.

I have used a self signed sample Certification on the SSL proxy which I
have generated in the following way:

    ssleay req -config /usr/local/ssl/lib/ssleay.cnf -x509 -new -days
365 >cacert.pem

Afterwards I used the following command to generate the browser client

    ssleay x509 -inform pem -outform der <cacert.pem >cacert.cct

That gaves me the Key-File and the CACERT-File. Al is running with my
Internet Information Server 2.0 for
about two years.

I am using now SSLeay 0.9.0b and delegated 5.6.0. For compiling of
SSLWAY, I changed Makefile.go to use
the libraries libssl.a and libcrypto.a .

Thanx a log in advance

Thomas Stolzenberger

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