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12 Nov 2001 09:33:53 GMT Emmanuel Cerisier <>

Hi Yutaka,

I couldn't get trough posting to your ML, so I send directly this query to, hoping you'll approve it and post it to the newsgroup/ML.


Emmanuel Cerisier.

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Last-Attempt-Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:35:01 +0900 (JST)

         delegate and Netscape messenging server
         Tue, 06 Nov 2001 11:17:22 +0000
         Emmanuel Cerisier <>


Thanks for your time, and thanks to Yutaka for providing Delegate !

I'm using the 7.6.0 version.
We want to use delegate as a DMZed proxy for the mail services of our
Netscape mesenging 4.15 server,
i.e. in/outbound SMTP, imap/imaps and http/https webmail.
The SSLed services are btwn the roaming client and delegate, and
standard cleartext btwn delegate and the server.

For this we run rather simple testing cmdlines:

./delegated -v -P443 SERVER=https FCL=./sslway MOUNT="/**" PERMIT="*:*:*.com"

./delegated -P993 SERVER=imap FCL=./sslway MOUNT="*
imap://*" PERMIT="*:*:*.com"

After a little config, it works fine with imap/imaps. My problem is with
Once you accepted the certificate, and you logged in providing
user/pass, netscape's webmail application embeds hardcoded URL of the
server in the protocol URL itself.
The URL looks like that:

The embedded URL is then used by the client browser to display the
actual frames.

I couldn't figure out how to pattern-match this url to be translated by
So when using it, the embeded URL keeps delegated server's public name,
and the "http" is not translated to "https", and it fails.

I'm pretty sure it's possible to do this and that I'm missing a point;
but I've been trying a bunch of %S regexps in
the MOUNT command and it failed. Also, i'm not sure wether the best way
to achieve this would be using the MOUNToptions, or  the URICONV
parameters, but as far as I understod, urci rewriting  applies to the
html payload

thanks for any help on that,


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