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[DeleGate-En] RFC1123 violation w/ delegate SMTP-SMTP
02 Nov 2001 06:18:16 GMT "Peter Bauer" <>


I think I discovered a "Bug", or better: a protocol violation, when
using delegate as a SMTP-to-SMTP gateway.

The outgoing SMTP data stream appends the delegate version to the
HELO command, which seems not to be valid. For example, after connect-
ing to a mail relay, SMTP-delegate greets with:

  HELO SMTP-DeleGate/7.5.3

and receives the error

  500 Multiple parameters to HELO not allowed

This was checked and confirmed for the largest german internet
provider, T-online. Making appropriate changes on src/smtp.c fixed
the problem.

Please verify that you are still with RFC1123, Section 5.2.5.

Attached to this mail find my smtp.c i used to fix the problem.

Best regards



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