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[DeleGate-En] Re: Trying to Access FTP.DELEGATE.ORG
29 Oct 2001 04:19:34 GMT Damian McGuckin <>


Thank you very much for your quick reply.

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Yutaka Sato wrote:

> I tried it and I succeeded to login in both case equivalently.

Sorry, I did not explain properly. They both achieve a login but you get
the following message immediately after login

230- Guest login ok, your E-mail address is <>
230  Now you can select a FTP SERVER by cd //SERVER
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful [delaying].
550 cannot connect with you.

This is from a SUN Solaris 7 system.  From a Linux system it works.

> I found a series of login failures in the logfile of the FTP server
> like follows, so I think the problem might caused because you sent
> invalid password "NcFTP@" for "anonymous".
> 10/27 21:27:37.60 [16078] 2261+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(
> 10/27 21:27:55.57 [16080] 2262+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(
> 10/27 21:32:46.55 [16087] 2265+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(
> 10/27 21:33:08.89 [16088] 2266+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(
> 10/27 23:27:31.72 [16346] 2360+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(
> 10/27 23:27:53.97 [16347] 2361+0: Bad anonymous login:[anonymous][NcFTP@]<-(

I am using NcFTP which does this automatically if it detects some strange
behaviour in the site or gets confused. There are many browsers and ftp
clients which do this including Mozilla.  I don't know why but it has
something to do with the handshake.  It might even have to do with the
proxy nature.  It probably means that DeleGate is far too strict in it's
interpretation of the RFC.  I am sure you understand it because you have
a whole part of your web page that obviously tries to get around this
problem where you talk about

	You must show a valid E-mail address to access this server. If
	you have any difficulty to do so with your WWW browser, enter
	your E-mail address here ...

Anyway, even when I change the password to '', NcFTP
just sits there and looks at me obviously waiting for some other
handshake.  There is obviously still a problem.

If you want to diagnose the problem, I can send you the source of NcFTP
to go looking.  I have not had a problem such as this ever before.

>  |Doing it all again and just typing
>  |
>  |	dir
>  |
>  |tells me that it cannot connect with me.  Going into passive mode tells me
>  |that PASV is disabled.
> From the beginning of this month, the FTP server
> has been in a firewall which does not pass PASV command.

I assume this limitation is not from DeleGate.

There are many people who connect from sites that only allow the PASV
command and REJECT the use of the PORT command.  Passive is far more
secure than PORT.  We use PASSIVE as the default here for everything.

Many thanks for your king explanations.

Regards - Damian (McGuckin)

Pacific Engineering Systems International, 22/8 Campbell St, Artarmon NSW 2064
Ph:+60-0-0000000F .. Fx:+60-0-0000000F   | unsolicited email not wanted here !
Views and opinions here are mine and not those of any past or present employer

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