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Delegate and DNS
  10/11-15:07 . 1351  Julian Harris <> [26]
  Hi Yutaka, I have another question... I'm trying to do some small tweaks to the Delegate proxy to filter out unwanted ads etc. I have a few bugs that I'm having difficulty tracking down and was wond
POP Proxy Servers:
  10/11-15:07 . 1352  Bill Baxter <> [22]
  Hi Yutaka, Can you please help me? I have been trying to configure my Email client to send and receive Email through a POP proxy but when I put an HTTP proxy addresss like the ones in my browser the
  10/11-15:11 . 1353  =?iso-8859-1?q?Kenny=20Lau?= <> [22]
  Hi, I'm new to Delegate, would you mind help me to configure my Delegate to meet below requirement ? I have a web server ( running on internal segment and some external users want to acce
DeleGate/7.5.4 -- fixed CFI, etc.
  10/11-15:13 . 1354 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.5.4.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Oct 11 14:24 JST 2001 TAR-SIZ
Delegate and DNS
  10/11-15:27 . 1355 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  Hi, I've used NMAKE.EXE and CL.EXE of VC++ just as programs for complilation, but I've never utilized VC++ as "Developer Studio" :-) Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> http://www.d
Connection Timed Out
  10/12-01:40 . 1356 [26]
  Hello, I want to download your proxy server, but you site is very slowly conncted to germany. Can you say me other sites with download options ? Thanks, regards Sven K ___ ZDF Sven Kirsten CC DV-Bet
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-03:15 . 1357 [43]
  Hello Yukata, Thanks for this great and powerfull product. I have problem with my delegate HTTP proxy server when I try to access ftp server with authentication different than anonymous. My problem
Connection Timed Out
  10/12-03:49 . 1358 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  The FTP server ( == is connected by fast 150Mbps line to a network (IMnet, for national research institutes) which has its own wide national/international ba
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-04:30 . 1359 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  I think it's a usual and normal response when a non-existent file is retrieved. A directory page generated by FTP/HTTP-DeleGate can be cached thus it may include files which does not exist already.
DeleGate as anonymous proxy
  10/12-15:39 . 1360  "Dmitriy Y. Repin" <> [18]
  Dear Yutaka! I have come into collision. According to security policy of our organization Cisco router filtered all packets passing through itself and gating only packets is not containing real IP a
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-18:35 . 1361 [101] a 馗rit : Yukata, Yes I am sure files I tried to download exist. I have retried with the detail logs enabled and I obtained : 10/12 10:54:42.03 [2355] 4+1: ConnectToServer conn
AW: [DeleGate-En] Connection Timed Out
  10/12-20:35 . 1362 [61]
  Hello, thank you for your response, I've downloaded your proxy server over Thats gone. It's true there is a firewall which prevents incomming connection so t
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-22:36 . 1363 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Hi, Maybe it is because the file is accessed with URL "ftp://user@yoursite../html/index_v2.htm" which must be accessesd as "ftp://user@yoursite../index_v2.htm". Does the URL is given by hand or gene
  10/13-01:12 . 1364 [129] a 馗rit : Hi, I am using ie5.5 with delegate as the proxy ftp server. I request index_v2.htm through browsing the ftp server, and delegate returns "ftp://user@yoursite../index_
  10/14-23:56 . 1365 (Yutaka Sato) [79]
  Could you show me the detailed log of DeleGate on the access? I expected it would be like enclosed one but it was not in your case. Normally, the current directory at the start, or the login directo
  10/16-18:53 . 1366 [162]
  Hello Yukata, Here are all my logs when trying to retrieve the file index_v9.htm. From 8021.http log file : pc4243 - - [16/Oct/2001:11:22:16 +0100] "GET ftp://user:passwd@mysite/html/index_v9.htm HT
  10/16-19:18 . 1367 (Yutaka Sato) [44]
  Sorry but this is not what I asked. It was clear what will happen if the file is named with "/html/index_v9.htm". The problem is that who names the file so. And what I asked is about another mystery
  10/16-19:44 . 1368 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  ftp://server/path/file must be interpreted as a relative path, by definition in RFC1738. <URL:>(Uniform Resource Locators (URL)) If you need to specify an absolute
  10/16-19:54 . 1369 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  ftp://server/path/file must be interpreted as a relative path, by definition in RFC1738. <URL:>(Uniform Resource Locators (URL)) If you need to specify an absolute
  10/16-21:50 . 1370 [54]
  Yukata, I don't know why MSIE requests an absolute path and don't follow the RFC ! Note that this problem does not appear with Squid... Nevertheless, I will deploy delegate so if you had some times
  10/17-16:55 . 1371 [78]
  Hi Yukata, I have just set up delegate for exploitation today. I would like to know if you expect to fix one day that FTP relative path issue to be compatible with all ftp client (MSIE), or do you t
Yahoo Japan が見えません。
  10/19-18:11 . 1372 (ASH) [18]
  はじめまして,平山といいます. Opera 5.11 で日本語を表示するために,Delegate/7.5.3 を 使わせて頂いております. (日本語文字コード変換サーバー として利用させて頂いています) ところが,Yahoo Japan 等のページ
DeleGate/7.6.0 (ALPHA) -- extensions for MOUNT, FORWARD, DNS, Win32, etc.
  10/24-17:39 . 1373 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.6.0.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Oct 24 16:20 JST 2001 T
OpenITx Partnering Opportunity
  10/26-05:45 . 1374  "Michelle Stanton" <> [48]
  Dear Content Editor/Webmaster, The reason I am contacting you is that your Web site,, is one that draws a similar audience to OpenITx, OpenITx is a pe
irc protocol support
  10/26-17:53 . 1375  "Kestutis Kruzikas" <> [31]
  You have created a nice proxy, but where is irc protocol support :) ? It would be nice to have one..
Trying to Access FTP.DELEGATE.ORG
  10/27-21:50 . 1376  Damian McGuckin <> [44]
  I tried to login to pull down the source code and the login ftp failed and yet, the functionally equivalent anonymous worked. I have never found the above 2 methods t
Downloading Delegate
  10/28-00:26 . 1377  Damian McGuckin <> [21]
  I tried on another machine with a very up-to-date version of FTP and I can download DeleGate. My guess is has something do with '500 PASV is disabled' which I assume means that Passive Mode being di
Trying to Access FTP.DELEGATE.ORG
  10/29-09:56 . 1378 (Yutaka Sato) [80]
  I tried it and I succeeded to login in both case equivalently. (1) 220- delegate.a02 PROXY-FTP server (DeleGate/7.6.0) ready. 220- @ @ 220- ( - ) { DeleGate/7.6.0 (October 24, 2001) } USER ftp 331-
  10/29-13:19 . 1379  Damian McGuckin <> [78]
  Sato-san, Thank you very much for your quick reply. Sorry, I did not explain properly. They both achieve a login but you get the following message immediately after login 230- Guest login ok, your E
  10/29-15:16 . 1380 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  Maybe it is because of connection timeout. The logfile records data-connection trials with your hosts like follows: 10/27 21:29:14.36 [16081] 2263+0: FTP-LOCAL: connecting to client's PORT 192,84,23
  10/29-15:20 . 1381 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
  I'm running the FTP-DeleGate for FTP.DELEGATE.ORG with a parameter "AUTH=anonftp:smtp-vrfy" <URL:> which requires valid E-mail address as a password f
io timeout in both directions?
  10/30-16:01 . 1382  "Mike State" <> [13]
  Let me first say that your DeleGate server is really excellent!!! Now a quick question... I'm using the TCPRELAY to connect a client to a server and am wondering if the TIMEOUT=io:90 will timeout in
  10/31-02:55 . 1383 (Yutaka Sato) [151]
  [Manual.htm] TIMEOUT=io specify the generic timeout caused when no data tranmission is done via DeleGate in the period. Thus when relaying between a client and a server, it timeouts when no transmis
Rpm builds of DeleGate-7.5.4
  10/31-03:09 . 1384  unspawn <> [19]
  L.S., mr Sato, For anyone interested I have prepared .rpm builds of DeleGate-7.5.4. Information can be found at and the md5sums are 0067d7000ba35c64d
io timeout in both directions?
  10/31-11:51 . 1385 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
  Sorry, the name of timeout is not "silent" but "silence" as the patch do. It is used as TIMEOUT=silence:60 for example. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
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