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[DeleGate-En] caching of error pages
23 Sep 2001 18:22:07 GMT "Alexander Wittig" <>


I'm using delegate on a computer with a dial up connection.  Sometimes a request is sent to delegate while there is no internet connection yet.
Delegate then displays its error message (... <server> seems to be unknown ...) and I establish a connection by hand.  But eventhough the connection is there now, if I hit reload delegate seems to cache the error message.  It always returns the "is unknown" message instead of the right page.  If I disable caching delegate only displays the message the first time.
How do I have to set up delegate to not cache its internal error messages?
I'm using delegate 7.5.2 on Windows 98 SE with a simple dial up connection over a modem.  It does not make any difference what client I use (Netscape 4.7, Mozilla 0.9.4, IE 5.5 on Win98 SE, OS/2, Win95).  The command line to start delegate is:
delegate.exe -q -P8080 ADMIN=a@b.. DGROOT=e:\delegate CACHE=ON

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