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[DeleGate-En] Great business & scientific charts for your reports & your website
19 Sep 2001 07:45:34 GMT "" <>

      GraPL & GraPL.NET
      Great business & scientific charts have never been so easy
      Have you ever wanted to produce a chart for a report, presentation, or
website, and found that the tools you had were hard to use, produced ugly
charts, or couldn't summarise your data in the way you wanted?

      If so you need GraPL. GraPL lets you produce charts quickly and easily
from your data. We have been developing the charting engine for the past 10
years, and it is currently used across a large range of industry, including
food, electricity generation, banking, aerospace, government statistics,
healthcare, insurance and academia worldwide.

      is the easiest way yet to create good-looking charts on your PC. It
combines a powerful charting engine, and data analysis suite with an easy to
use office style interface. This lets you generate clear professional charts
that stand out from the crowd.

      Import data from your spreadsheet or database, and moments later you
can have a chart ready for your report or presentation. Download your free
trial copy now from, or browse for more information.

      unleashes the power of GraPL on the Internet and your Intranet. Using
GraPL.NET you can add powerful GraPL charts to your website. Generate
dynamic VML/SVG or PNG charts based on your data, all from simple ASP

      For more information visit


      If you would prefer not to receive any more e-mails from Causeway
Graphical Systems Ltd, please send an email to StopBotheringMe@grapl.. and
we will remove you from our mailing list.

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