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[DeleGate-En] Delegate and DNS
12 Sep 2001 18:33:22 GMT Julian Harris <>

Hi there everyone...

I have a basic question that I can't find the answer
to in the delegate archives (mainly because the weird
feedback site has no concept of threading that I can
see so I can never find an answer to my question and
the search results page doesn't work properly.. doing
a search for 'DNS' reveals 35 entries but try if you
will actually viewing the last 31-35...)

So, Delegate looks like a great proxy server. I'm
trying to brush off the work I did with internet
protocols back in 94... it's been a long time and I
can't figure this one out. It's a newbie one. 

1) If I want to use delegate under Win2k to share an
internet connection, it seems like I should run one
proxy for each protocol, that is:
POP, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and, the trouble maker,

I understand I'd have to set my network of machines to
point the DNS server at the server running the DNS
delegate service, no? Well as a simple test, using
Delegate 7.5 stable, I did this:

E:\delegate>delegated -vd -f -P53 -SERVER=dns
RESOLV=cache,file,nis DNSCONF=doma
in: ADMIN=myname@whereverIam..

...and then set under windows, the DNS to be the
public external fixed address of this machine (the 213

Then nothing. nslookup under windows then just doesn't
work. It's not a problem with anything else because
the moment I revert the DNS to 'automatically figure
it out' it works. 

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

2) What's the difference between PROXY and MASTER
since the manual isn't clear on this. It gives two
examples that IMHO conflict:

  Delegated 鳳8080 SERVER=http MASTER=localhost

then later it says:

  Delegated 鳳8021 SERVER=ftp PROXY=localhost

well, I'm using localhost because I have the
conceptual 'firewall' and local machines all the same.
Any comments?

Julian Harris, Global Explorer, Professional Kiwi
Currently sitting in his studio in Barcelona

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