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[DeleGate-En] WAP & Delegate
06 Sep 2001 16:22:55 GMT "Humberto Patarroyo Osorio" <>

First I must say  (all us), that delegate is realy a wonderfull product. 
Thank you MR Sato, for all the work that you have done on this Great 

Actually i develop a WAP Aplication over a CDPD network (WAP:Wireless 
Aplication Protocol, CDPD: Cellular Digital Packet Data transmission) and 
need SSL services for the Servlet/JSP Server that i build.

I have configured it (the Delegate)  under Linux (RedHat 7.1) & Win2K  (Svr 
SP2) and I use it for HTTP, TCP Relay, and also SSL Proxy.

Hovewer, i had the folow problem, and wish to request to you help:

When i connect throught Delegate to make the server with SSL capacities in 
this form:

Client(SSL/HTTPS)>------------>(SSL/HTTPS) Delegate 

And, if the client is any standard navigator (ie 5.0 or Netscape 4.7 i.e.) 
all works fine.

But, if the client is another navigator  (in this case a WAP navigator, UP 
phone, openwave navigator).
chance the "user agent" and others things (encoding UTF8, content type.. 
etc) in the HTTP header  and nothing works (Neither HTTP/HTTPS) in this 

WAP Client(WTLS)>...(WTLS)> GW WAP (HTTP/HTTPS)>.....(HTTP/HTTPS) Delegate 

Again all works fine if exclude the delegate and work in HTTP Direct mode 
(without SSL):

WAP Client(WDP)>...(WDP)> GW WAP (HTTP)>........>(HTTP)Server

Investigating in the source code (i危 not an experienced programmer!) and 
your mailing list i found some about the CFI filters and user agent, but my 
knowledge and the docs about CFI and others are not enough by find the 
solution of all by myself.

For that reason I request help to you and anyone that he/she has an idea on 
as solving this problem.

I attach the full dumps of the traffic in all the cases accessing a wml page 
called "wap.wml"

I not know what aditional logs/info/etc.. is necessary. please if anything 
lacks or you not have enough time, please send me a message that i am  
pending for any response (i understand that you are nick of time, that is to 
say, short of time for this things).

Ahead of time thanks a lot for your help.

Humberto Patarroyo.

Bogot甃 Colombia.
South America.

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