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[DeleGate-En] Question on delegate
18 Jul 2001 16:40:09 GMT "Glynn Robinson" <>

Dear Sir,

I have recently downloaded your delegate software and I would like you
advice on how best to configure
it for my particular need.

All I really want to do is use delegate to translate "news" to "http" so
that I can allow people to access
news groups via their web browser. It is likely that I will have the
news server on the same machine as

I have managed to get the effect I want by running delegate from the
command line, specifying the
port (8119) and leaving the SERVER parameter blank. When I access
http://myhost:8119 I can put in
the URL of the news server I want to access and I get almost exactly
what I want (I'll need to change icons
etc, but I could probably do that by mounting my own).

I would just like your advice on what are the "best" parameters to
configure and also how I set up a config
file and/or allow the whole thing to run as a service (windows 2000).

I look forward to your response.



Glynn Robinson
Development Manager
BJSS Ltd., 1st Floor Coronet House, Queen Street, Leeds, LS1 4PW
Tel:	+44 (0) 000 000 000F   Fax:	+44 (0) 000 000 000F

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