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[DeleGate-En] Authorized Usernames/passwords list on ftp proxy for single login?
04 Jul 2001 00:57:07 GMT Fernando Cassia <>

Here is the situation:

I have an ftp account at a server "username:password@linux..".

I want to give a select number of users access to that account, but
passing thru a delegate server.

Is it possible to create a "authorized logins" file and make delegate
use that for ftp proxy,
but using a single account on the destination ftp server?

In other words, lets say I'd like to give users joe, susan, frank,
access to ftp site whose only
authorized login is "ftp://authorized-user:blahblah@0..". What I
want to do is give those users their own login/password on the DELEGATE
ftp proxy, but in the end the delegate ftp proxy should connect all 3 to
the ftp server using "ftp://authorized-user:blahblah@0..".

If that's not currently available, would that option be too difficult to


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