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[DeleGate-En] Re: Very slow ftp uploads
26 Jun 2001 06:54:35 GMT

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|> Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 8:48 AM
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|> Subject: Re: [DeleGate-En] Very slow ftp uploads
|> On 06/26/01(15:33) you wrote
|> in 
|> <_A1214@delegate-en.ML_>
|>  |Iエve problems with the ftp transfer speed when uploading 
|> to a ftp connected
|>  |through a delegate. I am running delegate in the following way:
|>  |
|>  |delegated -P192.168.2.101:21 SERVER=
|>  |LOGFILE=/var/log/dele_ftp.log
|>  |
|>  |When i connect to the FTP everything works fine and the 
|> transfer speed is
|>  |really ok (about 1200K when both networks are connected 
|> via fast-ethernet).
|>  |But when i start an upload the transfer rate goes down to about 600
|>  |Bytes/sec! Whats wrong??
|> If you are running your DeleGate on Win95/98/ME, the cause 
|> can be your
|> setting of execution priority in the property of the console 
|> window of
|> the DeleGate.  But if it is not your case and if uploading is slow in
|> every trial, it should be fixed.  Information about your platform and
|> log data in your LOGFILE will be helpful for me to fix if you would
|> send it to me.
|> Cheers,
|> Yutaka

Dear Yutaka!

I am running the latest delegated on a FreeBSD 4.3-STABLE Box. When i run
delegated with -v -v i see the messages like these appearing on the screen:

    09/23 05:47:26.52 [26680] 3+0/12: NICE-1 72K/2/13.91s 36864/p 5302/s
    09/23 05:47:29.53 [26680] 3+0/12: NICE-2 136K/4/16.91s 34816/p 8233/s
    09/23 05:48:11.54 [26680] 3+0/12: NICE-3 264K/8/58.93s 33792/p 4587/s
    09/23 05:52:53.54 [26680] 3+0/12: NICE-4 520K/16/340.93s 33280/p 1561/s

till the upload was completed.

The machine currently is running in a test environment with no load at all.
There is only one delegated running which job is only to listen to address on port 21 and forward it to an FTP on
(Dual-Homed Machine)

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Bye, Egon    

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