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[DeleGate-En] Socks 5 stops working after new ppp connection
20 Jun 2001 04:34:06 GMT Ren Hoek <>

Hi there,

I'm using version 7.0.0 so I will have to upgrade and test this problem 
in the latest version, but can anybody tell me if this is solved, since 
I did not see it in the changelog.

The problem is, that when I lose my ppp connection on my router, and a
new connection is set up, that delegate in socks modem will not let icq 
connect to the icq server. I have to kill and restart delegate to make 
it work again. Is there a way in which delegate will just work again 
without having to restart?

Oh and again, I'm not sure if this is available in a new version, but 
could a switch be included with delegated so it will not log anything? 
This to make it work easier on embeded systems.

Many thanks,

          Ren Hoek (

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