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[DeleGate-En] Re: FTP through SOCKS Delegate
15 Jun 2001 10:02:25 GMT

> Since you are using DeleGate as a Socks server, i.e. a circuit level
> proxy which does not care any application level protocol like FTP,
> there is no chance for the DeleGate (or for any circuit level proxies)
> to do FTP specific action.
> It is like IP routers can relay any TCP protocols without understanding
> the contents.

Well, maybe you help me, how I can implement something like my wishes?
Problem is Internet Explorer.
I use autoconfig feature of IE, and correct answer of autoconfig function is
only proxy or socks server`s address, not protocol. IE required strict
definition of protocol (ftp or http) at ftp proxy field.

>  |Socks:
>  |+=/etc/delegated/commonconf
>  |ROUTE=delegate://*:*
> You must have specified SERVER=socks or so, otherwise it did not work
> as a Socks-DeleGate.

It specified at command line. 

Best regards,
Vadim Mironov

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