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[DeleGate-En] Re: Portrange for passive FTP (not supported)
07 Jun 2001 23:51:42 GMT dirk laurijssen <>

you're right, the default behaviour is that an FTP-server returns a
high-port. What the author of the previous message probably was
referring to is that along with firewall-friendly FTP (RFC1579) a lot of
FTP-servers added the functionality to restrict the range of high-ports
returned (ie. only ports ranging form 3000 up to 3500) to avoid that
users with less sofisticated firewalls have to open up all high-ports to
the outside-world (which is a risk because ie xterm uses high-ports).

If an FTP-server that supports this port-range is proxied by a delegate,
this FTP-server loses the advantage of limited port-range and the user
is forced to open up his firewall.

Currently the delegate (setupPASV in inets.c I believe)  doesn't support
this, though it seems like an interesting feature to me.

Kind regards,
dirk L. wrote:

> Random > 1024 as I know.
> Vadim Mironov,Almaty, Kazakhstan
> Design department, Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan.

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