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[DeleGate-En] Re: Problems using delegated with imap
31 May 2001 17:16:07 GMT Attilio Vaccaro <>

Sorry for my previous post in the personal mailbox: I won't cut the 
previous messages in order to let anyone read my question.

The problem that we're having is that even if we set the option:

when the client tries to connect  passing just the username, the daemon 
refuses the connection (in the debug log there's written that it's 
expecting a login in the format "username@host").


Yutaka Sato wrote:

> Hi,
> In message <> on 05/30/01(22:39:35)
> you Attilio Vaccaro <> wrote:
>  |Hi,
>  |    we're trying to use DeleGate to proxy an imap server.
>  |What is happening is that we're able to access the server through the
>  |proxy starting the daemon like this:
>  |
>  |delegated -P143 SERVER=imap
>  |
>  |and passing at the client login the full username@server..,
>  |but it's not possible to login only with the username.
> You must specify the target server somewhere anyway, from
> client with user@server or at DeleGate with SERVER=imap://server.
>  |Moreover this configuration allows to contact any visible imap server,
>  |so the proxy becomes an universal proxy.
>  |
>  |What we are looking for is a solution that allows to access only one
>  |imap server, but the clinet hasn't to have any knowledge of the address
>  |(or name) of the real server.
>  |
>  |We tried with:
>  |delegated -P143 SERVER=imap://imap.server.address , but things don't
>  |work as expected.
> I think this should work and I don't understand why not.
>  |For sure we've done some mistakes: can you please give us some hints?

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