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[DeleGate-En] Re: What is VSAP?
17 Apr 2001 22:05:37 GMT James Johnston <>

Hmmm - that might solve my problem.  My problem is that I have a computer on
a network that needs to access the Internet.  I have another computer on the
same network that is also on the Internet.  Now what I tried doing is
setting up the computer hooked to the Internet to be a DeleGate, and setting
up the other computer as a SOCKS client.  That works well, except on the
client I can't use protocols such as FTP (non-passive), NetMeeting, DirectX,
and things like that which expect incoming connections which are being
blocked by the DeleGate.  How can you work around this?  Is there a setting
on the SOCKS server that can do this, or does VSAP do the job?  Basically I
need to let incoming connections go through the DeleGate and onto the client


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From: (Yutaka Sato)
Sent: April 16, 2001 1:45:57 PM GMT
Subject: Re: [DeleGate-En] What is VSAP?

On 04/16/01(07:29) you James Johnston <> wrote
in <_A1095@delegate-en.ML_>
|I cannot find any information on it at all on the Internet.  What is it?

VSAP is a tentative protocol which realizes accepting connections
(from clients) at remote host, like Socks protocol realizes connecting
connections (to servers) at remote host.
See <URL:>
for a little more details.

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