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[DeleGate-En] Re: vsap auth
14 Apr 2001 12:36:00 GMT Indrek Mandre <>

>  |It's great, I almost started writing my own server, and found this :)
> It took a while for me to remind about "VSAP" :)
>  |So how can i do some-sort of authentication. Eg. send the administrator
>  |password to the vsap server or something so that it could authenticate
>  |me.
>  |I know there is a way to update my address constantly, send it to the
>  |vsap server host and restart delegated if things have changed.But that
>  |solution seems like a hack. Maybe there is a better way?
> A better way might be to use FCL and FSV with SSLway, then use
> client side certificate for authentication.  But it can be a
> little complex.
> The enclosed patch will make "AUTHORIZER" parameter be applicable
> to VSAP-server DeleGate like SERVER=vsap AUTHORIZER="foo@localhost",
> and also make VSAP-client DeleGate take *environment variable*
> AUTH_VSAP="foo:password" to send it to VSAP server.

Thanks for the patch! World class service. I can't complain.

As I understood on the vsap client side i have to set an environment
variable named VSAP_AUTH="john@localhost:password".
On the vsap server side I have to add AUTHORIZER="localhost".

Now with my limited IQ I understood from the reference manual
that delegate will connect 'localhost' for the authentication server
and authenticate the user 'john'. But what is that authentication
server, there was no mention about that. Could you please clue
me in? It reads /etc/passwd? There is a special server i have to set
up? I tryed with couple of options but couldn't figure it out.

And as I'm already at asking questions (lazy as I am) here's
another short problem:

The host where i run the vsap server i actually run another
delegate as a http server as SERVER=http://vsapserver:vsapport/
This gives me the advantage that all the static content is cached
outside my internal adsl network. The problem here is that
how can i make the delegate to pass on the correct Host:
field for I want to have virtual hosts? For now it passes
on 'Host:' header for some reason.


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