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[DeleGate-En] vsap auth
13 Apr 2001 11:13:05 GMT Indrek Mandre <>

I'd like to say at first that delegate's the best thing i've found on
the net
this far. I have an ADSL home but all incoming TCP is filtered. But
I managed to get my http server running using the VSAP protocol.
It's great, I almost started writing my own server, and found this :)

The only thing that bothers me is that the authentication is not
Eg. the adsl address i have is pretty dynamic, i can't use it to
permit access to the vsap server. I have limited permissions to the adsl

domain but there are still hundreds of potential bad guys
who could access my vsap service.

So how can i do some-sort of authentication. Eg. send the administrator
password to the vsap server or something so that it could authenticate

I know there is a way to update my address constantly, send it to the
server host and restart delegated if things have changed.But that
seems like a hack. Maybe there is a better way?

great job,
Indrek Mandre

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