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[DeleGate-En] Delegate 7_2_0 and wu-ftp ( using NT4.0 sp6a)
11 Apr 2001 19:00:50 GMT Pat Tonra <>

I am currently testing out Delegate v7_2_0 on a Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a) 
workstation.  I have setup a HTTP proxy for web browser ftp requests.
The command I am using to start the proxy is:

dg7_2_0 -f -P2121 SERVER=http ADMIN=xxx@xx.. \
CACHE=no RESOLV=dns LOGDIR=C:/Progra~1/delegate/logs/ftp \
LOGFILE="${PORT}_[date+%%d].log" PROTOLOG="${PORT}_proto_[date+%%d].log" \
ERRORLOG=ftp_errors.log  \

The proxy works great except when I connect to a FTP server using 
wu-ftp, all downloads and directory listings freeze after the file/
listing has been completed.  The user has to wait for the inactivity
timeout ( default=600 seconds) before the action completes.  I have tested
this from Netscape 4.7, IE 5.5, and Opera 5.02, all three show the problem
with file downloads.  With IE 5.5 there have been no problems with the directory

By adding "TIMEOUT=io:30" to the configuration the delay is bearable.

The ftp server I have been testing against is

Is there a configuration item I missed or is this a known compatibility issue with


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