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[DeleGate-En] How to authenticate users? part 2
26 Feb 2001 22:01:27 GMT Del <>
Babel Com Australia


I'm getting a little bit further with the proxy authentication.
I read the instructions under the AUTH parameter and used these
config options:

        AUTH=proxy:pauth \
        PERMIT="*:*:{*,!?}@*" \

... do I have to specify an authentication server and protocol
with the AUTHORIZER parameter?  How do I do this?  I would like
to authenticate users against either RADIUS or FTP or HTTP or
something else that I have a PAM module for.

When I access the server via https I get a request for proxy
authentication in my browser.  I enter a valid user name and
password to try to see where these come out.

I've put some extra debug statements in the code in access.c
to try to see what's getting called and where, and I'm not getting
anywhere.  It does appear to go through PERMITTED_ACCESS() at one
point, but the user name there appears to be "-", i.e. it doesn't
scan the user name from the HTTP request.

I've run tcpdump to try to watch for any authentication packets,
and apart from an ident request back to the originating server,
there doesn't seem to be any attempt to validate the user, and the
Proxy-Authenticate request always fails.

Any ideas how I can get the user name + password out of the HTTP
Proxy-Authenticate request and get these off to an authentication
server some how?

The documentation on AUTH and AUTHORIZER in this situation is very
unclear, and so I'm having to read the code to find out what goes
on, but the code is also fairly unclear and lacks good comments.  Can
someone tell me what path the code takes in trying to validate a

Del | | Christchurch, New Zealand

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